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  1. So what if it's a mod, it shows that modders pump stuff out faster than the devs sooo

  2. Is it Burning Flames Modest Metal Pile of Scrap #15? If it is, then I think that's him.

  3. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the most inconsistent dinosaur I know of, currently we know it eats fish, loves near water, and is a theropod dinosaur, studies show it can’t walk, can’t swim, we might see a study saying it flew, and in a month, we might see it swim in plasma while in the fourth dimension

  4. There are times where I am so confused to what it ISN'T, but with every new rendition, it really starts to show just how odd this creature really is.

  5. I never knew that about the Herrerasaurus! All I knew is that it is a popular dinosaur in The Isle and that it's a pretty old dinosaur

  6. Buddy, they ain't gonna get close to assassinating you with a sword that fucking big

  7. I think Defense would be a better one, since you really aren't going to outrun anything, even on full speed build.

  8. I have a soft spot for spinos, tbh and I just wanted to give em a try.

  9. Spinosaurus was the first Apex I grew to adult. And boy, it took a while even with passive growth on the server I was on.

  10. Imagine growing a megalania (Yes I chose you, cause fuck you megs), and you just hear one loud thump as it lands.

  11. In reality meg is going to be the counter to hatz like it was with thal. Venom is so detrimental to birds because as soon as you have venom on you, you better have a close by safe landing spot

  12. I feel like this would be a great concept! A little rough on the edges, but I think it would make this game much more interesting to unlock a special skin for getting to adult!

  13. Me: Walks up to a baby and get bitten by it a couple times, squacks at them and flies away

  14. The tiny camera boy inside one of the Japanese twin engine fighters

  15. Conc players have started being little bastards lately

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