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  1. I will agree with Alec regarding the nonsensical government over reach at airports -but not for WHY he decided to chide the airlines and the tsa and our government over reach regarding protocols after 9/11. He decided to encompass a real argument many Americans feel via the patriot act which stomped out our civil rights and privacy in a way we have never seen, and it was supposed to be temporary but we now know when the government usurps rights and power under the guise of emergency 🚨 we are never getting those rights back willingly or quickly or ever. The fact he was a fucking imbecilic child man baby on a plane and used a real problematic governmental overreach issue to excuse his deplorable behavior is disgustingly dishonest. It reminds me of when Hillary used the argument of belonging and the plight of the LGBTQUI communities messaging to back up her nonsensical fake Spanish accent and non existent heritage. These disingenuous fucks use REAL issues like government over reach and stomping on our civil rights as cover for their deplorable behavior. Fuck both of you!

  2. I was never one for looking up to Hollyweird in general and I can see how their influence though could be pervasive in American culture, but this level of word salad is hysterical. How about just don’t watch? Lol

  3. I will say I was very small when I was pregnant but I didn’t start to show till 4 months at two Months I barely knew I was pregnant lol

  4. How can anyone prove its meghan? You think with everything going on with Bouzy and Samantha she would risk a troll account? Ballsy if true

  5. It’s happenstance the RF were even the RF if it weren’t for abdication so I’m not sure why the guidelines are so strict? It was pure luck the country in a time of peril worldwide eliminating long lines of monarchies in a bunch of other countries that the monarchy in Britain even survived, so I would think after the abdication they would be more flexible regarding this. This isn’t me sticking up for the fraud of MM this is just my take regarding what I read.

  6. The level of actual hardship Trevor had to endure to be where he is now versus Meghan is not even comparable so I’m sure he’s real sick of hearing their whining

  7. Even if she lived in Spain - why wouldn’t she have a TV!? Wtf? Was she a Spanish immigrant in 1940?

  8. Well DUH Alec like a moron holding court talked to police with out a lawyer and this guy lawyered up and cut a deal.

  9. If this goes to trial I hope this goes into how terrible he felt about this 😑

  10. She was very old, sick, and had her own mortality and legacy to worry about and reflect on. If anyone was put in her shoes which is completely impossible, but for that sake of the question why didn’t the queen take action let’s have a hypothetical role play, shall we? If you’re the queen, terminally ill with cancer, dealing with a deeply upset country post COVID with outrageous inflation, a healthcare system on the brink of collapse and wait times, and a contentious parliament with a resignation of Boris Johnson, would you think it’s a wonderful time to pull focus from the country to address those two nimrods? Especially after the Prince Andrew interview fall out and pay out? My guess is after Prince Andrew’s contemptible action s and horrifying sit down interview, the queen was pragmatic and resolute enough with her decades of experience to weigh her options in addressing Harry and Meghan situation publicly in a meaningful way, and made the correct decision to more or less ignore them. She was saavy enough to know addressing them meaningfully would be feeding the narcissistic beast that is H and M as a couple, and the only way to effectively deal with narcissists is to grey rock them essentially ignoring them…. Providing no fuel for them and no narcissistic supply to gas them up for more attention.

  11. Bearded idiot attention whore schtooped over a counter basically a gigantic social media signal “I use to be for sale.”

  12. Maybe Jennifer love Hewitt as the current Hillary or Ashley Greene Or Leighton Meester

  13. Allleeek, we also wish you jumped into a volcano rather than inflicting that Hilaria thing upon us.

  14. I'll supply the wood chipper if you guys hold him still.

  15. I'm a dude, but I know enough that there's no way in hell a child birth is that easy that you look like you just had a spa day

  16. The level of cringe and incredulous nature of this post is off the MOTHER FUCKING CHARTS 😳

  17. This only condemns AB more! Indeed criminal negligence. Alec truly should plea if he is able. This trial will be unhinged!

  18. I can’t wait if it’s anything like Johnny depps and amber heards I’ll be glued

  19. If he knew she was abusing drugs or anyone on set then as a producer then why the fuck wouldn’t you stop it or say anything

  20. I’m intrigued about the source … is there a Howard Stern superfan out there who has catalogued every minute of HS’s thousands of hours on the radio?? Link?

  21. Yes since the early 1990s his name is mark and website transcribes every episode

  22. Yep she had a cosmetic procedure and tells on herself with this weird narrative of double bras above the shirt

  23. I think it’s a lot of people w skeletons in their closet so it’s a group of people that one hand washes the other - we will support your piece of shit self publicly if you support and say nothing about mine at least when it comes to famous people

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