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  1. She tries to look sultry… powerless, bitter , almost forty and 7 kids in when she dislikes mothering. Ok.

  2. She looks like how I use to in college after a day at the beach club stoned and drunk taking selfies on a boat

  3. Fkn ripped. Nice show of the chain bra again. Barely open eyes. Son is oblivious he’s even in the picture. She could care less.

  4. These poor children internalize and know they have a deeply fucked up unhappy life with monsters for parents

  5. Now he’s an uncle!? Bitch you pay him to do your hair. That’s not an uncle.

  6. I’m curious about this. My parents friends are all Aunt and Uncle because they never made us call them by their last name. Is that not something parents usually do?

  7. That’s your parents friends. Not their hairdressers that were never called uncle until today on Instagram

  8. She is so fucked up - this level of deception and delusion is incredible - I’m just gobsmacked

  9. This lack of parenting and guidance is a CHOICE a lazy fucking pos choice

  10. MM is the most socially awkward person alive. She absolutely cannot read a room. She was probably trying to be snarky, and it just comes off as dorky.

  11. She’s so fucking annoying I literally want to sign up for a risky NASA program, fake my Astronaut credentials, fool them into allowing me to go into space alone, and then die there as I pilot the spaceship towards the Sun.

  12. She is so fucking shitty. Leave your fucking kids alone all day every day she invades their space and privacy with out consent

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