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  1. It feels like you already have a certain someone in your mind and at this point you are just listing their traits.

  2. This sub has this trend of hating other socials and feeling intellectual and disciplined by not using them. PLATFORM is never shit, its the PEOPLE that makes it shit. Any social media is good if you have friends either online or offline, instagram offers easy and fun ways to interact with your friends and overall its a fun experience. Coming to people saying rEeLs aRe TiKtOk, reels algorithm is literally one of the best out there and it only shows you content that interests you, it takes bout 2 days to perfectly set the algorithm to your taste. Also being the most popular social its easier to connect with new people. Snapchat is only good if you have a solid friend group, else people only use it for filters.

  3. Bhai if you dont have an irl social life, make one on social media

  4. kya bolra hai bhai, aaj hi sara hindi ka syllabus niptaya hai kya?💀

  5. Nah man i prefer the pseudo professional look

  6. tbh I feel like you were at wrong for screaming at your chachu like that.

  7. same bro, mtlb maybe the "Respect elders" thing is indoctrinated in you and me, but I cannot imagine cursing like this at any relative on their face. Thoda anger control karna aana chahiye, warna aise sabke saamne outburst karoge toh aage jaakar lode lagenge.

  8. Tbh I dont feel angry when any relative asks me bout my studies and plans, just say yes to whatever they say and do whatever you like vo bhi khush tum bhi khush. If you wanna look at it from their perspective it’s the only thing they have to start a convo with you, either they would comment on your physical state “kitna bada hogya hai” “kuch khaya peeya kar” or either they will ask you bout your studies “aage kya plan hai”. Just play along with em iske aage I hardly believe they even ask anything but imagine shouting at em “COULD YOU PLS STFU” and god knows what other stuff, I personally wouldn’t even dare to raise my voice in front of my parents out of utter respect but maybe its now the old school boomer way to live idk.

  9. She said multiple times during her convo that he isn't her bf he is just a stalker. That's why I started trying in the first place

  10. If you r an introvert then don't join gym . Just my personal opinion :)

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