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  1. Idea that I’ve not thought through; World Club Challenge should be round 1 so no team has a bye round 1.

  2. They’re already 4 weeks in when it’s played (which is ridiculous in itself$

  3. I really don't see Manu as a 6 and think that chat is so overdone. I think Tedesco moving positions late in his career, like Minicello did when RTS came along, is more likely, but that feels a few seasons off minimum.

  4. Nanai produces another season like the one he has just had and he'll have every club competing for his signature. Respectfully can't see a Titans move being an option at all .

  5. Is there a single club right now who wouldn’t be tapping him on the shoulder? Maybe Souths? Almost every team would get a serious upgrade if they picked up Nanai

  6. Justin Langer continues to demonstate his complete lack of emotional maturity.

  7. Do you say this because of the “coward” statement or has something else happened?

  8. I think it’s evident that Langer was informed about his behavior and style on multiple occasions, include two independent reviews.

  9. Josh Wong for the Roosters without doubt. Had massive wraps coming through the lower grades and got a real good taste of elite football during the World Cup

  10. Was going to reply the exact same thing. Looked solid in the World Cup too. Not sure how he makes it into the 17 without injuries this coming season.

  11. Lmao that was me but Sammy isn't even my answer to this. I would not trade JWH for any forward in the game, I don't care about the circumstances. I'll probably cry when he retires.

  12. Yeah I didn’t want to tag you in it because I was worried my description was going to be cooked as fuck.

  13. Can we just take Cleary and take claim to the best spine since the 2009 Storm

  14. Gotta re-sign Lodge somehow. Plus, aside from the goal kicking there’s not much that separates him and Drew Hutchinson

  15. Apart from being worse the Hutch in about every category besides goal kicking

  16. you’ve got Sandon Smith in the ranks anyways, plus Guy Hamilton playing for North Sydney

  17. Yeah it’s an absolute pain to get some of these little details sometimes

  18. Thanks to those who offered their advice on my zoom / teams calls from my TV question.

  19. Agreed. I liked how it played out. It made sense as a spy show.

  20. 100%. Was Really worried it would turn into a rehash of the finale of Mando season 1

  21. I can only assume OP didn’t post the text because they couldn’t bring themselves to put their name to buzz’s horrendously cooked takes

  22. Do you think they would be interested in playing Sualli in the centres and another youngster on the wing? Or does Sualli need to continue to bide his time on the wing?

  23. Yeah I think that plan makes a lot of sense. Play Suallii at left centre outside Keary and Chricton, next to Tupou, and that edge looks ridiculously deadly.

  24. Can we get everyone’s top 21 in here? A few teams have changed pretty dramatically (eg Tigers) so it would be cool to see how it’s all shaken out. Any final off season ins/outs that are on the cards would be great too.

  25. Who was your fav player growing up that didnt play for your team ? Mine were Gareth Ellis and Luke Lewis. I wished the Storm accountant couldve found some way to sign both of them. Now its Keary, To’o and Luki.

  26. But going by how he looked in the koori knockout he'd probably be able to push for a top 30 spot somewhere. If that were the case would the nrl block him?

  27. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of players in the NRL with a history of domestic violence against their partner. Given it’s been nearly 4 years since he was sacked, I think there’s a chance the NRL would let him in, as much as we might disagree with it.

  28. I’ve recently been setting myself the challenge of opening and completing Piety while also banning Rationalism. It makes it much more challenging to stay competitive in the game, but it’s been fun.

  29. Any PC master race nerds here who can lend a hand? I’m like to start taking zoom calls from the lounge room because I’m sick of sitting at my desk. I think the easiest way would be to buy a cheap tablet, install Teams and Zoom on it, hook it up with a separate camera, and mirror to the TV with a HDMI cable.

  30. if your Computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you can get a Microsoft Wireless HDMI Adapter, press windows key + k, connect to the adapter, and your computer now streams to the TV.

  31. Fletcher has a point in principal, but it's hard to take said point seriously when we all know the Leagues club is raking in tens of millions of dollars in gambling from one of the poorest parts of the city.

  32. Na, he doesn’t even have a point in principle. He’s just an arrogant exploitive sook.

  33. Do we think tonga or samoa could win the next world cup, i mean look at the progression of samoa from 2017 to this year and this is a team that hadnt played together before this cup. With the pacific tests and hopefully Vlandys making more room for more international footy, they will develop into insane teams by 2025/26

  34. Will never understand why we cant just pretend the field of play is still 100 metres but steal a few metres for the in goals

  35. Just make it 100 yards instead of 100 meters so the in-goals aren’t a fucking death trap

  36. Reckon James Maloney has a good mentality for batting. Completely forget the last couple of balls that have made you look silly, focus on the next ball and all that.

  37. Would be a great opening bat. Could miss 5 in a row and then cover drive the final ball of the over for 4 without a care in the world

  38. I’m sure Matt Lodge, who has already been paid out from two contracts in the last 3 years, and still contributes to the warriors salary cap, isn’t the victim here

  39. He might not be, but I think he's not the only one in the same boat. And they're far more sympathetic victims.

  40. doueihi and burton halves combo would be catastrophic imo. neither are particularly good at creating overlaps and setting up their outside men. they both have the same strengths (high kicks, running, etc)

  41. I think that’s fair criticism, although it would also be one of the deadlier running halves pairs in the comp.

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