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My wife gave me chlamydia

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  1. i don't have much advice to give but i just wanted to say that i'm in the exact same boat as you :") hang in there, u got this!

  2. I wouldn’t say for certain. You would have to explain the impact Covid had. Ex. Lost people you know, mental health deteriorated to a level that you aren’t just using an excuse, something that had a tangible impact on your life. For example, I’ve seen stories about people who couldn’t access computers for virtual school so they loaned computers from the school which weren’t the best.

  3. That’s fair, I’ve definitely explained it everywhere I can in my applications/my counselor will be touching on it as well. For me it was a severe mental health deterioration problem. Peers at my school seem to have either really thrived during the pandemic (or the worst year of it at least) grade wise, or struggled similarly to myself. I just hope college admissions don’t discount my application because of it

  4. I know this wasn’t your question but I don’t think you can minor in MT;( most schools don’t have it as a minor bcz of how many things you have to do (singing, dancing, acting) as opposed to another arts minor where one aspect takes the focus

  5. EAing UMD, VT, Temple, Penn State, U of V, James Madison + Villanova RDing (if I want more options) Loyola MD, Salisbury, UMBC

  6. Happy to help! But there may be some EA schools that are worth applying to early. All of the schools, even when you apply early, will see the courses you intend to take senior year and the activities can be in your activities list. If you want to have an additional semester (or trimester or quarter--whatever your school's terms look like) of grades to bolster the application, then delaying can be fine. But if you have a strong GPA in rigorous courses leading up to senior year, applying EA is often most beneficial at most schools. (For example, Tulane only admitted around 100 students RD...the rest were admitted EA, ED1, and ED2)

  7. Definitely something to take into consideration, I’ll have to put more thought into it! Good thing there’s a fair amount of time before the app season truly starts :)

  8. Absolutely--no need to rush into submissions. And if you're ever questioning the best application plan strategy for your particular profile/situation, I'm happy to talk through the cost/benefit analysis for each plan at different schools. You're already thinking critically about this, which is a great place to start!

  9. I’m just using my personal one but kind of wish I hadn’t because it’s been flooded by college emails lol

  10. Have your counselor touch on that in their letter of recommendation- a lot of colleges have questions that allow you to elaborate if there’s a reason your grades may not be reflective of your ability, and I’m assuming the same would go for extracurriculars

  11. I think 7! 1 real safety, the rest are mainly targets but on the easier side if that makes sense

  12. This is a few years out of date, but when I applied, everything did reset on August 1. I think it made me re-enter the main info (though it was already saved)

  13. Ahh that’s so annoying but thank you for keeping me from wasting too much time! Do you know if I can still see the supplemental prompts though? It’s okay if not, thank you for the response :)

  14. Colleges usually list them on their websites before August 1. The ones on the application will be from last year

  15. Alrighty, thank you so much! Judging by the common app essays following a similar trajectory I doubt they’ll change much this year, so I’ll do my rough drafts based on those

  16. B’s are perfectly good grades, I don’t know what you think you’re achieving by bashing someone for not having straight A’s their entire high school career 😭schools like Stanford are a reach for anyone regardless of gpa, simply because of how many applicants they get, that doesn’t mean OP shouldn’t try (while keeping in mind a good mix of target and safeties)

  17. Opinion? They’re saying you’re being culturally insensitive, take the criticism and either apologise or at least remedy your post to reflect the new insight

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