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  1. If anyone is interested I decided to go with Wentz. It was very tough between him and Teddy but I hope I made the right decision🙏🏼

  2. If he plays, you need to put him in your lineup. Always start your studs

  3. I’m debating between starting him and AJ Brown

  4. Kudos to you for being literally the only person so far to specify the format lol

  5. Yeah I definitely should’ve specified scoring format in the post, that’s on me.

  6. Not saying these are the top guys, just wanted to see what peoples opinions were on this particular group

  7. Looks like I made the right move so far, we’ll see how Engram does Sunday

  8. Good call. Wtf. Davis shit the bed for me. I can’t with that guy anymore I’m trading him

  9. Yeah Davis is so boom or bust it’s hard to rely on him. I would def try and move him for someone with a more solid floor if you can

  10. Makes sense. As long as the moves benefit your team's outcome, do whatever. I see now even if you're out of the playoffs theres still a case to pick up waivers maybe to keep a past rival from winning or just try not to finish dead last. I get it.

  11. Yeah I definitely can see his motives behind it, that’s why I wouldn’t allow money splitting to begin with. But I just don’t think you can really make an argument against what they’re doing.

  12. Never heard of a last place punishment. You pay for a last place finish? Monetary?

  13. No, not monetary. Usually the loser will have to perform some sort of embarrassing task. It’s a good way to keep everyone active through the whole season

  14. Of those 3 I would lean towards russ, but none of those options excite me tbh

  15. Yeah was leaning towards Russ as well. Luckily I face the last place team this week so hopefully I can get by without Tua

  16. Package a couple together for a teir above player. I normally look at the needs of other teams, along with mine, and pick a trade partner that needs what your giving up.

  17. Fournette was injured so I ended up flexing tee Higgins yesterday… needless to say that worked out alright

  18. Give Capela and Garland for Ayton and Siakam do I accept? H2H points

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