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  1. No chance. We're one pick short. I didn't know anything about Troy Brown when we picked him that year, I thought we're picking Lonnie Walker or Robert Williams.

  2. When have the wizards ever been able to develop a 2nd rounder? Give me a chance at someone who at least super athletic like Bates

  3. When have we given a prospect a chance to even suit up for us past the summer league? That’s the real question.

  4. Tried to find any news on Nzosa. Do we know when he would potentially come over from Europe?

  5. No idea. Hopefully his team lets him compete in the summer league this year.

  6. Started my first IT job yesterday, making $22 an hr as a remote (4 days from home) help desk technician

  7. Hmm, deleted account so we can't follow up. I would take that with a grain of salt. Not saying they're being untruthful just that there aren't any avenues to get more info from them.

  8. Couldn’t find much information from people like him which is why I asked my original question. I would love to hear from someone that has actually gotten into a very high tier/ivy league school. Unfortunately, my last two mentors couldn’t help.

  9. There's some people in that thread that mentioned they did. They mentioned they got in going through the process like everyone else. In addition, the link that mentions institutions WGU graduates got into mentions several ivy schools. Between those it's evident people do get in with WGU degrees.

  10. I would spend the time taking notes so you dont have to ask coworkers for help on the same issues over and over. Study for things that will help you at work but also study for the certification that relates to it. Something like microsoft md-100 microsoft windows client (this is retiring so it will be md-102 microsoft endpoint administrator) if you will work on hardware maybe look at CompTIA A+ but i would skip it and maybe get network + or Security +. Depending on what type of role you want in the future.

  11. This isn’t the NFL. If a star like Beal is available, teams will be willing to trade for him.

  12. Has Ted ever said this before? This podcast has me ready for the Winger era lol. I’m so ready for our team to choose a direction

  13. It's really interesting to me that organizations are choosing people within the ranks who don't have head coaching experience, over guys who have literally won championships. I'd love for someone to come up with an explanation made sense. I mean some real, actual well thought out explanation, not spitballing, because we can all do that and make guesses about younger players or rebuilds or new blood, blah blah blah.

  14. Nurse and Monty have already turned down HC jobs. In fact, Griffin only got this job because Nurse declined it.

  15. It’s a minor thing, but don’t know if I can take this kid seriously with that Sideshow Bob hair. Dude needs to tighten that mop up at the next level.

  16. Why should he? He's a teen expressing himself and his hair hasn't stopped him from becoming a top 10 pick or an "Incredible person, a leader. Very, very, very coachable."

  17. Bro they never have this same energy for man buns or Josh giddey always having his hair in his face. But Afros are unprofessional.

  18. The win/compete talk is funny. Everyone (including Brad) knows that we aren’t competing for shit. He’s at a place that pays him top 5 money and puts no pressure on him to perform. Let’s just call it what it is.

  19. Top 5. Damn. Ain't he top 2 (behind Jokic)?

  20. I believe he is in the 3-4 range in terms of cap hit this season. Next season I think he’s in the 5-6 range.

  21. If Amen is taken at 4 we still get Cam at 5. He’s a risky prospect but I think he’s worth the pickup.

  22. I could see it if we moved on from Kuz but it looks like we’re committed to the mid 3. Would definitely love to see what we could cook up with the Blazers though.

  23. Yeah for sure if we moved on, I'd say it's hard to say what we're committing to before getting the new GM. From reports it was Tommy and not Ted who wanted to give Beal the no-trade clause in his contract and keep him around. So if the new GM can come in and shake things up, then trading down to 5-7 could be really beneficial for us

  24. The only way i’d be optimistic is if Ted was gone. Ernie, Tommy, etc..I can already see the disgusting Kuzma contract. Hopefully it’s in a sign and trade lol.

  25. ? When did I ever claim that I wasn’t grateful for Rui and his time in Washington? I think you’re replying to the wrong person lol

  26. It’s not garbage if you know the efficient ways to use it. Funny enough, Messer gets his material from the CompTIA CertMaster Learn. I used him to help brush up on a topic in the Network+ and noticed he was just going in order of exactly what my study guide was already telling me.

  27. He says that he looks at the exam objectives and basis his material solely off it (which is probably why he covers the objectives and nothing more or less). I have never even seen your throwaway account before, i’m just repeating what he has said in his study groups.

  28. Beal and Kuzma sign and trade for the 3rd overall pick and Sharpe?

  29. No disrespect? How is wishing for our future pick to not be “as shit as this guy” not disrespectful?

  30. Thanks for this update. I will definitely be using the CaptainDann technique when I get to this course! :)

  31. for guys like Kendrick Nunn, who don't have an NBA contract, where do they go to work-out? would the wizards still let him access team facilities or does he have to go to a gym like everyone else?

  32. He’ll probably work out with trainers in a private facility. I believe that most players do that until they get that call.

  33. The student discount is within the voucher itself so there’s no way to stack it or apply a code. As far as the VPN thing, I wouldn’t risk it. Aren’t all the exams cheaper in the student store anyway (outside of Cysa+ and Sec+ which are around $30 more). Probably better off forking over the additional $30 than using a VPN and getting caught and possibly punished.

  34. I used Messer’s practice exams. Thought that those were worded very similarly to the real thing. Tried to take a Dion practice exam and noped after the first question due to the wordiness of it lol.

  35. I have been using Dion exams for everything (A+, Net+, and Project+) because I get access to everything on Udemy for free through my school. I've been studying for like 2 months now and take my exam on Friday. Would you say the Messer practice tests are worth it at this point? I imagine if I had to pay then I would just choose the Messer ones because I like him more in general, but free is free

  36. I would definitely take the Messer exams because I think that they’re very close to the real thing. Grind them out and then study what you missed. He provides very detailed explanations.

  37. I’d wager any amount he’s gone before pick 7

  38. We’ll see. Last I checked he was in that 6-9 range on most boards. Wouldn’t be surprised if he went as high as 4, especially now.

  39. Had a guy dm me on here and he offered to give me study guides/ebooks for a very cheap price. Full blown copyrighted material and he had the pics to back it up.

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