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  1. Careless whisper by George Michael would be my pick

  2. QPR - only sign English players and see if I can win the champions league as many times as possible before the next FM comes out

  3. Fucking EDL inspired save 😂 doesn’t sound easy that tho

  4. I personally just load a series of countries without any badges. I do likena journeyman save however the only catch is if possible I stay in the club for about a year. If not I’ll stay at the same club till my contract runs out. Then I hop on to different club or league. Once I managed a club in all the leagues I remove them and load the other few leagues that fits my palette.

  5. Is there any leagues you always have loaded? Like the main European ones?

  6. I spent £90 on 8,000,000 coins a month back as my first ever crypto investment not having a clue what I was doing I just love the shiba inu as a dog. That £90 is worth about £300 now so I’m very glad I randomly invested

  7. Finally someone did this I have been thinking this this day one

  8. Honestly thought someone would have already done it hahaha

  9. How do you find motivation to do constant work/research for videos?

  10. Would lowering the pistons and putting slime blocks in place make them jump ups abit smoother? Just an idea

  11. In other words, he saved more than he slaved.

  12. He slaves but he saves, and he saves way more than he slaves and he only slaves to save. But he still slaves

  13. Had my first 99 overall player after 6 seasons, the teams been all 90+ after season 9. I always play youth scout only since Fifa 13 so I didn’t have to plan as such just do what I always do. Iv never ever had results like this tho. Only thing I pre plan is the countries I’ll send my scouts too, I don’t think it matters on the likelihood of getting better players from the big countries so I usually go to obscure countries for interesting names and trying to build up other small countries with solid players so I’ll go to, Japan, Bolivia, Peru, Finland, Denmark, Korea, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Serbia and so on occasionally having 1 scout find players in the country I’m playing in, in this case England.

  14. This is the best team I’ve ever seen, props x10!

  15. Game is broken mate, I only really sign youth players with potential to be special anyway but once they reach 90+ they just don’t stop going up and up and up. Joke of a team to play with it’s too easy

  16. If it's an all-academy squad, the most impressive thing is that they all have a different name.

  17. I send all my scouts to mad countries. Get some belter names that way haha

  18. The game is broken. I have 3 players who start almost every single game but the second I leave them out of the team for rotation their moral will drop to very unhappy and they will come to me saying they need more game time, probably the most annoying thing I’ve seen on this game and that’s saying something haha

  19. Man. How the fuck. I haven’t done a lower league Career mode in ages but you’ve got me itching to get back on. Amazing team

  20. Don’t spend a penny on any players, invest in the best youth scouts you can find and send them to odd countries. My go to is Japan, Korea, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Bolivia, Columbia, Ivory Coast. I Will occasionally use one of the big countries but the more random ones really makes the save more interesting imo. Worth a little go while we’re al stuck in the house

  21. Mine are: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, Friends, Brooklyn 99, Futurama and Rick and Morty

  22. That tune goes off to be fair. Good choice

  23. Mine would be Master Exploder by Tenacious D

  24. The women's division on the whole seems a little directionless atm, they need more exposure imoz and clear storylines. But there's a reason why they didn't put the title on Britt though, she's not terrible just needs some more work.

  25. Personally think that they should let Riho drop the title to Kong making her and Brandi like the Brock and Heyman of the woman’s AEW division, Kong can be an unstoppable force for a few months with Brandi getting the heat on the mic while they try and build the women’s division and find their baby face going forward. Also would get The Nightmare Collective over which they desperately need because it’s quite shite

  26. Anyone know what the Dark matches were?

  27. Sammy Guevara Vs Brandon Cutler Joey Janela vs Shawn Spears Santana & Ortiz, Best friends, Private party, The Hybrid 2

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