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  1. You’d have to be some story to figure out how he got it…

  2. Correction: might be more of a hammerlock than a sleeper. Don’t know if Pat could get the arm up for the sleeper.

  3. This is the one the swiftie FOB fans should be rallying around

  4. And yet if you were to slap them for slapping a child, you’d be the one charged with assault and ejected from the park.

  5. The world would be a better place if everyone was allowed one free slap a year. And if you make it through without anyone using their slap on you, you get to bank an extra one. And if more than five use their slap on you, you lose your free slap.

  6. Half of the people I grew up with around here are literal Klan members and/or Proud Boys now. Even if I wanted to be friends with them none of them would play "that gay-ass elves and wizards game."

  7. It’d be a party of 3 barbarians, 4 gunslingers, and 2 rangers who don’t use their magic and just shoot shit with arrows.

  8. I play him as an over-enthusiastic ditzy surfie who idolises everything the players touch or do, doesnt know when to leave. Like a cute dog, really.

  9. That scene is Captain America: Civil War where Ant Man meets Captain America, and turns around to Wanda and goes “I know you too, you’re great!”

  10. i’ll certainly agree that an unnuanced take on Azula is a bad take on Azula, but I have a feeling that’s as far as we’ll go together

  11. My opinion is that it’s okay to let the character of Azula stand in her actions. We don’t have to write some mythical redemption for her, we don’t have to write extraneous epilogue where she atones for her sins, we don’t need to do a 12 part mental analysis on her to justify what she did and claim it wasn’t actually her fault.

  12. God forbid this show writes layered, complex, morally grey villains that ask for nuanced discussion.

  13. For all that's been said about why is Tyrus holding the NWA title, I don't understand the appeal of having him on Fox...

  14. Funnily enough I just started Blackstaff(The Wizards) to get some lore on Khelben and the whole Blackstaff position for my game.

  15. Half of his shit gets swatted down in the courts. It’s for show.

  16. And half the stuff sticks for a while! As someone in academia in Florida with friends that work in the public school system, he has genuine and real everyday effects on people here.

  17. Oh absolutely. I’m not dismissing the shit that gets through, it’s terrible. I too have friends who teach in the public school system.

  18. Someone is STRUGGLING to put together a coherent “Tony’s not perfect but…” reply to this.

  19. Remember when HHH first took over and they actually had announced matches? Those were the times.

  20. Didn’t desantis spend like $30 mil just shipping a few immigrants out of Texas and catching six voter frauds? Dude wastes so much goddamn money on his culture war that could be doing real things for the state

  21. It's absolutely bonkers that that fucker WASTED 30 million on a publicity stunt and no one's dragging him kicking and crying out of the dick shipped building in Tally.

  22. Floridian here! It’s 100% the republicans and the aging conservative population.

  23. Listen we're gonna get on the back end of this list come hell or high water.

  24. I thought this was a lock for #1. Love TBP but Three Cheers is god level.

  25. Taylor and FOB’s performance together at the VSFS lives rent free in my head.

  26. I was trying to manifest a collab on either Midnight or Stardust. Sadly it didn’t happen. There’s a direct line connecting Swifties and fans of Fall Out Boy.

  27. Bubba wall kinda not well liked before that too. Like yes, that does have something to do with it, but he’s feuded with a lot of drivers in the passed. Throwing Gatorade at bowman while he was receiving medical attention certainly didn’t help his case

  28. … are people still holding onto the Bowman Gatorade thing? Come on. I’m a fan of both guys.

  29. I mean it was a pretty shitty thing to do

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