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  1. I find it funny that you blocked out their name, but there's only one xbox player who has nearly 40K encounters, lol.

  2. This is better explained than anything I've ever seen given out by the devs. Assuming this is accurate, nice info

  3. Bohemia thanks you for the money you spent. They don't care about the game anymore (if that really isn't obvious with the patch today). They just want to squeeze as much money as possible from their dwindling player base. Insurance in itself is a terrible mechanic, since it takes away the entire survival mechanic of losing gear on death. They don't care though, they made good money from people buying it especially when it was used to dupe consumables. I personally will be moving on to Dark and Darker when it releases, and for those who only have console fortunately it will come out too eventually. My shelter is maxed, I have a near unlimited supply of consumables and guns... I just play this with friends now.

  4. Would have been better than the stupid goblin cave

  5. The devs already said they planned on a solo dungeon early on. Goblin cave was a great experience once you learned how to play the game. Stop being so negative

  6. I can't believe people are trying to suggest ideas for micros in a game that isn't even released yet, that has already been made clear by the devs they don't want to fill the game with them (which I really hope they stand by). This is one of the worst things in modern gaming, ESPECIALLY in paid games. Who wants to seriously pay for a game to then continue paying for something that should be part of the game. I wish more people stopped supporting these horrible gaming practices.

  7. I have hit a monkey bomb 1 time. Ever! And of course nobody was there camping it. So I agree with the bear traps. Like the monkey trap they aren’t bad. But they aren’t game changing either and so people won’t use them a lot.

  8. Yeah, Monkey bombs are a rare sight. Bear traps seem to be on the path to following the same fate. New gun is rare right now, so once more get into the game we may see more used. LMGS are fundamentally broken because of their decision for 1 shot headshots. They shoot so fast and so well. It's all about that 1200+ fire rate and the likelihood of that insta headshot.

  9. The l85 is amazing honestly. Just finished up the 66 kill challenge with it, hard to put it away now

  10. I'm not a fan. It's extremely weak compared to other guns. Takes a lot of bullets against someone who has a plate on. You really gotta hit those headshots.

  11. Looks nice. I imagine by next play test (being 2 months away) we will see changes to the map since it was in testing. Still cool to see it here!

  12. I haven't been hit by a single bear trap in my 30 season levels so far. I have only seen them on the ground about 3 times. They are extremely underwhelming IMO. I personally never bring them

  13. Those are crazy stats! Loot value per encounter is nuts!

  14. The amount of games I've chosen to go for loot or leaving without airdrop due to a team camping is pretty high. Don't get me wrong, I'll go for kills sometimes as well but I am not afraid to leave with what I've got. In solos I use an adrenaline and rush a POI if I have a good spawn, grab it and go for airdrop/loot. In a team I'll push a bit harder but I get less kills since my team will share in that (but still don't mind leaving if we are good on loot).

  15. Honestly that's not a bad idea, but you do run the risk of getting into PvP while solo without Judgment. I couldn't really bring myself to use that AOE ability, even in a team I always brought Judgment instead.

  16. Perseverance, Brewmaster, Protection and Blunt Mastery. Judgement or Smite and for spells take all the buffs then Lesser Heal.

  17. This is close to what I use, except I use advanced healer over blunt mastery. The 5 additional healing is really useful. Judgment is great. Take buffs, lesser heal and sanctuary. Sanctuary can be used between fights to quickly keep going, and it goes a long way (2 very good heals). Downside being the time it takes.

  18. I can try to get a guide made before the servers close down, I know we are getting very close to that. I really hope they keep Cleric viable for Solos for next playtest, I love the class but don't like just being there for heals and to buff the barb.

  19. Not sure if you gain experience from the kill this way

  20. I'm not sure, but this is primarily useful for when you have starter gear and only in certain areas. I would say it's still worth doing regardless of xp. You can get a decent weapon for cheap and shouldn't have to use the starter weapon for long. The only exception is that giant room with all the traps. That place is great for mob farming, but be prepared for PvP

  21. It's not hard as rogue. You move fast and have access to very quick opening for doors/chests.

  22. Try naked barbarian with the smash perk. You can just go through doors, barbarian has good clear potential, and people have a surprisingly hard time running from you.

  23. Just saw this and realized i made some grave mistakes today lol

  24. It's been posted throughout this subreddit most of the day. Including video clips of it. Bit late to the party on this one

  25. Didn't realize, but I imagine there are still people who don't know about it so it's alright. People find things very fast.

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