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AITA for making my partners drinking water too warm?

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  1. I feel like I wrote this! My kids and I love Bluey and we’ve played featherwand for hours. My husband thinks Bandit and Chili are pandering idiots.

  2. Oh wow. You should also post in JustNoSO. There is no way that DW should’ve invited her mother without discussing it with you. If you can afford it, pack up your children and leave the house. Go stay in an awesome hotel with things for the kids to do

  3. Don't fret, that's another crappy move that i am not interested to watch so even if i wanted, i can't spoil that, what i was talking was from the crappy recent comics

  4. “By Odin’s fade”. That was absolute trash.

  5. Yesterday I was sad. Today I’m furious. Over the years I have volunteered two walk people clinic doors, and part of the human cordon shielding women going to the clinic, been in all the marches, and donated money. Obviously, that has not been enough. I want to get tactical about how I can help. I will wait as long as it takes to be allowed to post– Unfortunately, this issue isn’t going away anytime soon

  6. So my problem is that you are asking others to not show their support for the ruling. And making it seem like everyone is against this ruling or that those against it are out to get you. (I’m sure some sickos)

  7. No, I’m saying if you are happy with today’s ruling, you probably shouldn’t come to the protest. This is upsetting for a lot of people. If you’re not upset, you probably don’t need to stop on by.

  8. It’s a drive, but I like to use Pacific Mercantile in Denver’s Sakura Square. It’s a small, locally owned Japanese grocery store.

  9. I am sorry my kids and I couldn’t stay longer!

  10. It’s possibly a better message to stand on some street corner in Longmont with a sign and being friendly to everyone. Spreads the message to a wider group. I can join u for an hour or so. Maybe the hover and diagonal intersection?

  11. That might make sense. But I think I prefer to go to an official building-I will have my kids with me. Street corners can be hard for that

  12. NTA she asked, you answered. And may I just say, as I sit here at age 44, 20 weeks pregnant with my second child... you have scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

  13. Don’t worry so much! I had my last baby at 49. She is perfect. It is tiring, but it’s wonderful

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