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  1. Generally, only commenting "lol", "this", "underrated comment", "upvoted" or "🤣🤣" is frowned upon on Reddit.

  2. Still technically a good clue, since the average is what, 50k?

  3. Damn, was curious and apparently averages medium clue is 193k, and average east is 63k

  4. The one you called purple is magenta and Baltic/Mediterranean are purple. I will die on this hill.

  5. Depends on the edition, pretty sure I’ve seen Baltic/Mediterranean as brown unless that was a dif version

  6. This should be a runelite plugin

  7. unless you have a placeholder, yeah it wont be insured as they cant track it

  8. FUCK. Chin pet on my uim before log :( could you like show the pet to her in person or something?

  9. As clever as it looks, please don't do that in real work unless the entire stacks are used. Because the top box will likely not used for a long time if it keeps getting pushed up. While there is no expiration date on paper box, having something unused like that allows sitters to use it as their home for a long time and make tiny babies inside.

  10. Cole himself has to be in water for it to damage him, he’s fine in rainstorms etc. so it wouldn’t be as kryptonite-y as you might think.

  11. The problem is they showed this so often in movies that now I'd expect it at count 1.

  12. Fake em out, “on the count of 3, 1… 2… 3… see, that wasn’t so bad? …YANK”


  14. How did he get all medals for a map without doing chimps bruh

  15. Good move Jack. My favorite part of a max POH is being able to do clue scrolls in half the time.

  16. As a uim my poh is useful in a bunch of ways, but putting a clue unique in the chest is always so satisfying

  17. No, like the other comment says they’re from top 3 finishes, and won’t be gained by leveling to 99

  18. Take it to enough extremes and it can get real fast either way.

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