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  1. Yeah 10 is fine age for BC.. my wife called off bringing our 5 yr old to metallica and regretted it when we got there. It's a good venue for kids. Plenty of room to sit down and have w picnic. Plenty of food water etc.. and you can sit back if you don't want then getting crushed up front or in the mix! Good luck enjoy!

  2. I liquidated my account except for a few rares and the Brady debut. Purely as a hedge at this point but I’m not confident. It’s more likely I wake up one day and allday is gone than it being worth a G imo

  3. So would you sell that account for $1000 with what's in it?

  4. Perhaps it started with note's passed around at a high profile funeral.... if ya know ya know

  5. ok, I don't know...enlighten me so I can study what you are talking about, please.


  7. Man I have disliked DG for a while.. this has changed that slightly

  8. The real conspiracy is employer sponsored health insurance. Why the fuck does an employer have any say in what health insurance people have? It reduces career mobility and lessens an individuals negotiating power vs. employer.

  9. I believe you answered yourself within the question.. but I'm sure you are aware

  10. Just today I'm searching for insurance for my family because I've given my notice and have a 90 day gap until my new employers insurance plan kicks in. This whole system is broken

  11. The more we fight each other the less we fight for what we deserve.....

  12. Not an exterior panel system estimator but I was previously a steel estimator now at a GC. I do my own take offs when doing exterior panels and level bids as needed. In my opinion it’s very similar, you have your framing, supporting members, connections, and the panels. I’m sure there’s some misc items like logistics and new manufacturers to work with but overall shouldn’t be a difficult transition. Reference details and details from previous jobs. You should be good. Good luck!

  13. I got the job! I start next month.. Been trying to pour over old archs on my free time.. old jobs I did steel for looking at panels trying to create a solid foundation of understanding. I'm worried that they only plan for 3 days in office training before I'm 100% remote and I've only ever estimated structural steel. I managed a restaurant before that lol. I'll do whatever i need to and make it work though. Thanks again for the advice and well wishes

  14. Idk. There’s a PM job posting right now in my locale Fairbanks AK, for a 5 years+ steel fabrication contractor, $130 to $150k. Not sure what an estimator would be. I work for a GC

  15. Ah ok I see. He was never in UFC so just more bullshit. 76-9 record

  16. You replied to yourself? But also, you either misheard it or misremembered. He was world champion kickboxer.

  17. Yeah I was more correcting myself without edit. Lol.. I know who he is never gave much merit to his claims but theres soo much smoke and mirrors these days who even knows anymore. I watched a video this am from a NFL player saying all masonic members fuck little boys under 8 .. the world is going mad one way or another

  18. Ss: can someone please help me find the post showing ivermectin articles with opposing views from CNN? can't find it anywhere.. pretty sure I saw a post here have searched and can't find..

  19. It seems more likely by the day. However his killing people was not right. He was also a product of "The Harvard LSD studies" as was Charles Manson.... Coincidence or Conspiracy? You decide....

  20. Mercy, you must have been through and seen a lot. Hope things are going better now.

  21. Things are beyond great now. I have a wife and 2 little boys, a career and home on the water where I can fish. Life is great now.. been home 7 years. Was in the system from 17-34 so thankful to be free of that life now

  22. One time when I was in prison there was a murder that occurred inside my unit. Hard to describe the Unit but there was a building with 3 floors, each unit housed 30-45 guys with 4 units on each floor. There was 3 guards in a shack about 100 yards in front of the building. You could stand outside the units against a railing and look across the yard... Kinda looks like some California apartments ive seen.. During the day we could come and go from the units and there's no camera in the units so we was on our own except for count times. This building was made up of mostly people doing 5 or better and a lot of lifers. The unit I was in was known as "The Ring" not for any shape but because it's where folks came to fight if something needed to be handled. Years and years of brutal fights.. anyway, after the murder we were moved to the hole so State Crime Lab could come investigate. When we returned to the unit finally there was hundreds of numbered tags next to every spot that appeared in the presence of luminol. I can only imagine the crime scene is more horrific than most could imagine. I've been stabbed and seen countless stabbed it's not pretty and will leave a ton of evidence. Ultimately it would depend what the DNA evidence is and who it's from

  23. SS: Polar North has shifted enough that airports are taking notice and adjusting

  24. Vermont here, had a 55 degree day a week or two ago.

  25. Supposed to be 55 saturday and Sunday here in maine..

  26. Hold on, Fact Checkers are logging in now with a new batch of misleading info labels and account ban hammers. Stay where you are!

  27. LOL was just saying.. I have a notification saying this post has 50 upvotes but when I look it says 3. It happens when I post about virus related stuff mostly.

  28. I heard him start to say “kids” and then decide to say “children” and immediately correct himself. So he said “...give to kil—children...”

  29. Yes... when I found the video the only description was in a foreign language .. I screen recorded, tweeted and shared it. I have since seen that they claim it was an accident. I believe in accidents and felt bad people previously made fun of the president for his speech impediment then I went back and watched a bunch of his speaking engagements before 70 years old and realized I had wool pulled over my eyes lol.. so now I'm a bit more skeptical

  30. Loab doesn't randomly show up in image generations, that's a bunch of crap from people who misunderstood the artist who created it.

  31. You could be a doctor of butterfly medicine or spirituality in snowboarding... you could've also only stayed at a holiday Inn express last night.

  32. This is spot on.. I managed a sports bar and was the only non drinker lmao

  33. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year. This has been happening for decades. Where are all these children going?? We do know for a fact that human sex trafficking and human organ harvesting are real. There is plenty of proof of this. Yes, this particular information could be faked. But that does not negate the reality of both of the aforementioned. People need to understand that the powers that shouldn't be work tirelessly, around the clock, to censor, suppress, distort and discredit the truth. They are master manipulators. Many people who attempt to seek further knowledge end up even more psychologically manipulated and misguided than they were before. This is due to the countless numbers of shill websites pretending to be beacons of honest information.

  34. "This is due to the countless numbers of shill websites pretending to be beacons of honest information."

  35. Yes, everyone knows that already. But anyone can operate out of there, though.

  36. What's the benefit of keeping him alive when they could've killed him?

  37. Your question assumes "they" want him dead and that he is not part of "they". I agree its cheaper to buy silence than lease loyalty. If someone provides a service that others cannot that becomes the benefit.

  38. Wtf, the video is black and different random songs come up. First time I could see it normally. Wtf is happening

  39. To alter it in hopes it's not recognized as the same video and removed

  40. Fuck. What are these attacks about? So savage.

  41. Gang related.. but ultimately this was done by mistake. He wasn't the informant they thought he was. Heard he was no good but he didn't do what got him killed

  42. It's easy to say but you can't torture yourself over it mate, you'd have just been the next guy with their brain on the floor. You could never reason with someone that would brutally murder someone with only 8 months left of their own sentence.

  43. Ultimately I do understand that.. thank you for the encouragement

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