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I had no idea rabbits could swim!

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. When Republicans make abortion illegal there are going to be a lot of oops I didn't know my baby couldn't swim.

  2. That is exactly what I thought when I saw a video of a rabbit swimming!

  3. Omfg I thought this was going to be about David Lynch and I was so sad! Wasn’t familiar with that actor before but fuck a sexual predator

  4. You know its bad when we have so many school shootings that you can't keep track of which is which. The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is the one where the on duty cop ran away.

  5. Wait you guys don't have a trivial pursuit school shooting edition to teach kids about school shootings?

  6. Why did we do this? I still think it was a bad idea to advertise.

  7. Probably a bad idea, yes. Though the map may be unreadable

  8. It's compression of the air at orbital speeds not friction that causes heating

  9. Nope , he definitely died before hitting the ground .

  10. Damn, I knew of that incident, for some reason recall seeing the stamp made of it, but that story is haunting

  11. My friend had to recover after cannabis. He went deeper and deeper so that one day tried heroin. She is right - if used without control the consequences can be harmful.

  12. Addiction has a lot to do with trauma and very little to do with lack control. You can read up on it if you want to know more, but this slideshow has many of the main points

  13. Lake St Clair to all the "Great" Lakes: F**k you guys!

  14. A friend of mine works for Environment Canada. He says that the Niagara escarpment (from the Bruce Peninsula in Lake Huron down to Niagara Falls) does something to the weather patterns with its elevation and sudden drop, and acts as an inhibitor for tornados further East. Something to do with wind patterns. This is why so many tornados happen west of Guelph, but never in or around Toronto and East of it along Lake Ontario (with only small amounts occurring further east of that)

  15. I read a study last summer that said that winds coming off or onto the lakes are the primary reason that inhibits tornado formation in the region

  16. why tf you cant see shit?

  17. I'm an atheist, but I know Bob Ross is watching this and smiling up in heaven

  18. I could see this morphing into a future holiday where Florida Man is like a July 4th Krampus, but with methamphetamines and a mullet.

  19. Have you read Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate? He theorized that adhd is a developmental delay brought on by an attachment disruption and that you can heal from aspects of it. I’ve seen that with my clients in doing trauma work. It doesn’t mean adhd isn’t very real just that it’s treatable vs just dealing with the symptoms w medication. Worth looking into!

  20. I may have seen that at the book store today, but I forget. I did pick up When The Body Says No and considered getting that one. This sounds like how I understand it, there being a large overlap between the two. I found a number of papers on emotional neglect and ADHD which show similar dysregulation of oxytocin in both. Thanks, I will look into that book

  21. I do like what I've seen of Gabor Mate, but just an interesting note: mentioning his work on

  22. They don't have to understand. You understand. You are going to be the change. I left my family when I was 18 and only go back to remind myself why I fight so hard against this fucking illness.

  23. Thank you for that. I never had that "fuck you, I will show you" motivation until now. My sister was the one saying I just need to "step it up". She's an angry narcissist who keeps going through boyfriends and her current one is this close to leaving. 38 and no one is proposing to her.. Once her current boyfriend leaves and she realizes how fucked up her mental health I will just tell her to "step it up "

  24. Hell yeah compadre! One of my very first memories is of being told im a piece of shit and ill never be anything, so ive lived my entire life on "fuck you energy". And while it's not the happiest it damn sure got results, unlike the rest of my family i earned everything i have and i did it with an illness they refuse to acknowledge, without ever asking them for help, oh and my marriage never failed unlike literally everyone else who is on spouse number 2 or 3. (And I have an illness that systematically ruins relationships HA!)

  25. Holy fuck you are a saint! This is exactly that I needed to hear right now. I should sctrrnshiurt this ad come back to it lmao.

  26. The fact that this is known as just minecraft music would probably hurt Erik Satie's soul.

  27. I am not Erik Satie and my soul hurt reading that

  28. I am using ketamine therapy for my TRD and its done great things for me. I can live my life now. It's a shame that some people can't see it as anything but a potential party drug that we are trying to get access to by saying it helps us with mental illness. I swear some of those people would change their minds if they suffered decades of depression and suicidal ideation and then someone else said, "This will make you feel better but I can't prescribe it to you because it's wrong to give you anything that might be enjoyed recreationally. Sorry. Write your congressman."

  29. I just finished my fourth infusion, sadly no change for me though

  30. I take it orally and it seems to have better results for people who don't respond to infusions from what I've read. Maybe that would work better for you.

  31. Interesting, do you do therapy or anything during?

  32. After watching this I have an immediate urge to name my next dog, Hammondddd!!!

  33. I feel like I'm kinda in the same boat. Lithium handles my highs really well. I'm starting ketamine on Monday. Plan is to start Latuda after several infusions to try and capitalize on the increased mood and sustain it better

  34. Damn, same here.. I just get so much worse mood wise when I do

  35. I am in a shit mood, but this made me crack up, thanks

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