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Kanye West torches the last remnants of his career saying he likes Hitler

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  1. Then your girlfriend calls you a "big meanie" and you have to deal with that problem for a long time

  2. This is a control thing. People who snatch food to take the first bite are going to keep pushing boundaries.

  3. I'm wondering why Littlefinger didn't find a way to use Olenna's involvement more to his advantage. Isn't she the fatter goose to exploit? He'd have control over the Queen, the Reach and the Tyrell army rather than the Vale and maybe the North if things go his way.

  4. Classical studies during the Age of Enlightenment and Victorian era.

  5. Don't hate, but Ragnar goes batshit crazy eventually. Ecbert is a dick but pretty much remains the same way throughout.

  6. Is Vikings any good? I saw a bit of the first episode, and I seem to remember there was an element of magic that I wasn't too keen on, is that true?

  7. No it's really good. It's not real magic, it's just them doing rituals as part of their worshipping their Norse gods. If you love TLK, Vikings is a natural fit for you. The character Ubba we meet in season 1 of TLK appears in later seasons of Vikings as the main character Ragnar's son. So TLK kind of picks up where Vikings leaves off.

  8. Oh damn, that's actually pretty interesting, I'm gonna try it out, thanks! May help with the TLK withdrawal I'm having since finishing the series.

  9. The beginning takes place in their village in Scandinavia and it's tribal disputes but the action pretty quickly moves to Wessex where they get involved with the kings of Wessex and Mercia.

  10. Lmfao 🤣 The internet is truly a wild place. Make a two sentence joke about some fictional TV show characters and get back a paragraph defending child marriage, like wtf?! And yeah, when I think of examples of perfectly healthy marital dynamics free from assault or coercion, I definitely think of Jeyne fucking Poole, great example, bud.

  11. Do… do I have to specify? I mean, one of the four doesn’t even have the equipment necessary, so that should narrow it down a bit…

  12. Yes, it may be malicious, but it's still just words, not violence. If someone insults you with malicious words, there's nothing wrong with responding in kind.

  13. Historically that word was often the precursor to a lynching or a beating or a rape. Since you've never had to walk around carrying generational trauma from the cultural sickness in this country why don't you take a pass on judging how someone reacts to it?

  14. It's not a mere word. What's disgusting is that the word is still in use.

  15. It was that woman who stepped in it i thought. "You don't sound like an American." wtf?

  16. I just remember seeing a ton of boxes of pasta and thinking wow they love their pasta, but then read in the discovery documents how the girls loved buttered noodles and it just made me so sad.

  17. Did they love butter noodles or was the only food she gave them, other than marshmallows and chocolate chips?

  18. I mean, he definitely has a nice body but those dance moves don’t do too much to add to that.

  19. Flayed as he watches his skin being fed to the dogs… ooo. I hope Martin does that in the books.

  20. Yeah, at this point, it's not the timeline of the books coming out. I'm starting to doubt his ability to finish at all, even if he lived another 30 years.

  21. Clearly he's got a horrible case of writer's block which is certainly his own fault for making the promise to finish and putting so much pressure on himself. But he's human and it's his life and I can't get mad at him. He's given us something incredible.

  22. Aye, it's obvious D&D are not as intelligent as Martin. I'm still angry at Martin too though, if he had buckled down and finished the books, D&D wouldn't have had to improvise. They were great at adapting the source material.

  23. Just posting this for anyone who hasn’t seen this photo of Giselle that caused a bit of an uproar because she was flaunting her privilege and ability to breastfeed while others tend to her needs. Mami trying to channel this???

  24. It's not an issue at all. If Rhaenrya, her father, her husband, and the donor agree on a family plan, why is it any of Alicents business? Rhaenrya is the crown. It's her blood and body that determines the line of Kings.

  25. Especially from a mere Queensguard who murdered a wedding guest in full view of a hundred people but is still, mysteriously, around.

  26. I can't understand how he continues to murder important and influential people and still sticks around

  27. As much as I hate him for murdering Lord Beasbury, that did dovetail with Otto Hightower's agenda and it was pretty obvious there would be no consequenses.

  28. I’m sorry but she doesn’t have the waist/hips for a cutout dress…. I’m just being honest.

  29. Arya's practically a toddler. This picture stresses me out. This poor family.

  30. Love this! He turned out to be a good egg in the end. He was very protective of Helaena, I mean Ælfwynn!

  31. My favorite fan theory is that Syrio is Jaqen H’ghar. It’s stupid, but not impossible

  32. She wants to watch it because I have the brand of sacrifice tattoo

  33. This isn't a bombshell statement. Lots of people have been asking these questions for years. Shanann was a bully and her inner circle was afraid to question her and that might be the reason FR and SOR left Colorado so suddenly AND Shannan doctor shopped so there were medical records at lots of different physicians offices but it's possible no one had put it together yet. Their insurance company should have flagged it but that might be why Chris switched jobs. The sleeping part was nuts and you can see her get aggressive on a live chat with someone questioning it. Neeks has been talking about this for ages.

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