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  1. To be fair, getting a close up whiff of scrambled Sudafed and BigMac diaper blowouts tends to make one’s eyes run a bit.

  2. Just watch Andor. Forget about the other stuff. Let it reset you. Then define your own canon.

  3. Awesome. Prep yourself: it gets very intense and real at times. Nolan-esque.

  4. From Master Plo’s point of view, it’s Little Soka. They can’t all be right! I guess the character who dies last is right.

  5. I really thought this was American Dad because it seems like one of those comedically serious Steve/Klaus sets where Steve acts like Seal or MJ or something and Klaus mimics Chamillionaire.

  6. False; WW3 wouldn’t even have “battles” as we understand them because it’d be over so fast. Whatever shreds of footage and information on WW1/WW2 survived the first salvos and somehow stayed preserved over the eons would attest to their larger battles for any alien archaeologists investigating our corpse world.

  7. No! Not necessarily. I was familiar with the OT in the 1990s as a kid. So were all my friends.

  8. This insult coming from Gaetz is rich too. Dudes face is too small, and he's making fun of another guys neck.

  9. It’s kind of hard to check your reflection when all the mirrors keep breaking themselves to avoid your gaze.

  10. RIP Bulloch. I think Daniel Logan could hold his own here though

  11. He does Boba quite well in the new Lego game. It was a little jarring at first but I came around. What helps is that he believes in the role.

  12. My daughter loves the show she calls Omega "Meega"

  13. That’s so fun. I know Omega’s divisive with the adult fans but I’m sure kids enjoy watching someone like them on the team. My daughter’s too young to watch, but I’m waiting for the day.

  14. She’s still pretty handy with her “tresty laseh bow n’ arrah” though. Icing more giant enemy crabs than even ol’Rekka.

  15. Yeah screw that noise. This wasn’t off the cuff. He was testing out this frothing crazy language to see how the public would respond. When everyone was disgusted, he “walked it back” for now to say he just meant doctors. He didn’t have a good faith revelation that the law actually doesn’t allow this. No. If he can get away with it, it’s coming. This is the kind of state he eventually wants.

  16. I never noticed the poor R2 unit back there, yeeted into the ice/rock wall hard enough to punch a beach-ball sized hole.

  17. So pro-CRT isn't actually the so-called wokeism - its a more academic topic

  18. The first time I heard about it was my second or third year of law school in an elective course on employment discrimination. This was around 2013.

  19. Positive thinking, Skywalker-style. He just thought really really hard about whether he deserved it. And no one was left to tell him to, “take a seat”.

  20. I saw it in the theater and never bothered watching it again.

  21. Same. My “second” time was when I played it in the most recent Lego game. Better than the movie.

  22. Definitely! Why not? It’s an exciting time, using “science” to blaze bold and innovative new avenues for prosecuting almost everyone for manslaughter, murder, and child endangerment! No more painful confusion over silly questions of “exceptions for life and health”! Endless money for the judicial system! Everyone’s family will reap the benefits for the low cost of a few sisters/daughters/spouses sent to Camp Tutwiler! Send the doctors, nurses, friends, and family too for conspiracy and accessory! Everyone in! PTL! RTR!

  23. Perhaps a more defensible statement is that large swaths of Protestantism in the United States officially adopted pro-choice positions in the late 1960s into the 1970s. They passed official resolutions at the time that they would never pass today. These historic positions are more in line with the opinions of a majority of Americans today when polled anonymously.

  24. Thanks for the article. My point is that evangelicals created the "religious right" in the 1990s by mixing religion with politics.

  25. Understood; I agree with your nuance. I rushed to use the alliterative “religious right” when I should have just said something like Mainline American Protestantism. The other term refers to a specific more recent phenomenon associated with the likes of Falwell.

  26. She’s not “combatting” anything anymore than Don Quixote and his stupid windmills. At least he had the excuse of being naive.

  27. If they were watching him on camera, couldn’t they just drop the airlock and vent him? Not like he wouldn’t do it to them.

  28. Is it just me, or is this guy’s sweater vest really-irritatingly positioned? It seems to speak to his character even more than the fraud.

  29. Oh yeah, Bogano is beautiful. Well as long as you don't run into Oggdo Bogdo

  30. Bogano made me think of the dewy feeling of being out in a field right when the sun comes up. A very beautiful moment that most people’s schedules make them miss.

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