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  1. I’m really late but here’s a video debunking this.

  2. Thanks for the post. I wish I could find where the audio came from because I highly doubt that audio is original (Euphrates demon sounds).

  3. I don’t understand some of what you’re saying

  4. I’m saying if it’s a family of 2, your insurance costs are insane. If it’s a family of 4, they are probably average and your company isn’t subsidizing your family’s coverage at all.

  5. This picture would make for a great puzzle.

  6. So I worked for a security company that provided security for state offices, structures, parks, and buildings.

  7. Could have been achieved different ways, string, photoshop, or my personal favorite weight. You could weight it down with some lead or whatever is handy but inconspicuous and the sing would keep going for an unnatural long time. It would be a funny coworker prank, muhahaha. I personally think it’s legit; no convincing proof though.

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