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  1. Wasn’t just his own bullshit. It’s the common world view of the Right now. The false concept of white genocide is mainstream now. Tucker Carlson talks about it frequently.

  2. It’s not disingenuous at all. The buyer does not pay any extra money to work with an agent.

  3. In Texas, my buyer’s rep states the fees my office charges. I charge 3%. In the event the seller pays less than that, the buyer must cover the difference. Usually the buyer would negotiate money back at closing for closing costs from the seller, etc. We are not supposed to tell clients that buyer’s agents are free here because they’re not.

  4. My state is different then. The only fee the buyer pays is a $295 compliance fee but that doesn’t go to me.

  5. I don’t think any of them are going to drop their current partner for a new agent

  6. Thdn you don't getbto complain that realtors suck. Everyone likes to day how we are scammers and make so much money doing absolutely nothing and just try to screw wvweyone for commission. Sure those people exist. Report them so we can a go on our merry way.

  7. I would be thrilled with the draft so far if I was a Jets fan.

  8. I think he will be good but I do not like picking him there

  9. I own a diamond mine in Kansas and I provide them with diamonds

  10. Everyone is acting like he will dominate every race. I feel like the guys already racing here will be better. Ferrandis will be fast still plus you’ve got Tomac, Sexton, Anderson, and Kenny. Cairoli is getting old and there’s a lot of other guys in their prime that practice for these tracks.

  11. Are their markets were booties are not provided? In my market that seems absolutely crazy that a listing agent would not provide booties unless if it is a rehab/tear down home or new construction that is not fully built.

  12. Where I live there’s a lot of sub $300k houses so no one wears booties

  13. Yes it is but I think the dumb gronk thing is more a persona than reality

  14. My sister works for sports illustrated and she said he was extremely dumb when she met him

  15. Matterport? It's a Virtual Tour technology, allows for a camera to capture the property and let you showcase it online. I'm sure you've done the virtual walktrhoughs of a property?

  16. That’s not really a thing where I live. I guess my market isn’t high enough value for that sort of thing.

  17. I have pens with my name on it. I got an $800k listing from someone seeing my pen.

  18. Since we're here; which view specifically is the best one to show clients? Or is it up to us, as long as we keep private information protected?

  19. I think you misunderstood the process. Your realtor submits the offer, the seller accepts(this is all verbal keep in mind), THEN the realtor will write up the contract that you and the seller will both sign. The whole deal means absolutely nothing until both you AND the seller sign a contract.

  20. That is completely wrong. We have to write up the contract and submit it to the listing agent. It needs the buyers signature and initials before it’s valid.

  21. Just keep spending money on new appraisals one of them will eventually show up that is willing to rationalize these bubble price increases

  22. The lender will not send a new appraiser out in most cases.

  23. Just tell your realtor you’re not ready right now. I get texts from buyers that they’re not ready yet all the time, I just check in with them every month or so.

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