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  1. I'd figure out what width you want first (1.25-1.5") and buy precut belt blanks. Districtleathersupply has them and I thought they were very good. And I'd recommend Chicago screws!

  2. Brasil will still progress. Better keeper, better takers, and the best PK taker in the world. Semis with Netherlands await

  3. Man that's so cool and unique! Great job

  4. I'd pick blue, which would you pick? Beautifully done btw

  5. I used Angelus acrylic leather paint, more vibrant colors and it works great. I just let it dry after marbling and then put on some resolene afterwards! Goodluck and I think I have a post on reddit where I wrote down my steps for marbling, check it out if you'd like.

  6. Thank you so much!!! I will definitely take a look!

  7. Here I found it to save you some scrolling!

  8. Thank you! What thread size should I use to get a similar look to what they've got? Sorry for all the questions I'm still pretty new to the craft.

  9. It looks like 6mm spacing 1.5mm hole, 1mm thread to me.

  10. What type of thread do you use, and what size is it? Thread size should change depending on hole size and distance between holes. Keep going at it, much of the craft is patience and practice.

  11. Buyleatheronline is a decent start, and aleatherstore or beltsproduction when you want to get something of better quality

  12. I’m just getting into leather craft and this is the first leather I bought. I got this leather second hand for $50. There are 18 pieces of 2x2ft leather, three large pieces of leather, and some scraps with one long piece. The 2x2 squares and the three large pieces are all quite soft. I’m not quite sure what I can do with it, it seems to soft to make something like a bag with. I tried to find information about it on but couldn’t figure out if it was veg tanned or anything like that. The pieces in the last picture are quite firm and I could imagine making a strap with the longer piece. What should I make with the soft leather?

  13. Intergral_red is spot on. You could try and make a

  14. Made this pumpkin using a french skiver, leathercraft knives, and an awl. Pretty fun!

  15. Hi I'm looking for a tri-fold wallet but horizontal not the regular vertical style please and thanks!?!?

  16. Yeah kinda but a full "wallet" behind the I.D. flap

  17. Oh so a bifold but with an extra section, I haven't seen any of those I think.

  18. Yes, I punched out the holes but some were hard to get the needle through…

  19. You might need a smaller needle. Look into John James needles size 0 or 002.

  20. Pueblo is always a joy to work with, beautiful work by the way!

  21. I've worked with it, what do ya need to know?

  22. I would like to commission two waxed canvas pieces

  23. Send me some pictures of what you'd like and any other details so I could give you a quote

  24. If you want something that's actually insane quality look into Loyal Stricklin.

  25. I bought a crappy leather tool from Aliexpress for 6$ and hated everything about it…

  26. 2 videos this week?? And I thought it was gonna be a bad week

  27. I can understand your frustration, whenever I start thinking like this though I realize how many orders some sellers actually have. And they don't have big teams

  28. Understood, but as someone who runs a small business (only 5 of us) and 95% of our transactions are online and need to be shipped, you hire another person simply for order fulfillment. Or you bring on someone part time to come in each morning to pull inventory and fulfill orders. If one of the better known companies can simply ship on time, they would steal so much business from the others. Seems like the bar is set very low in this industry. It would be very easy for one of the better known companies to become the market leader very quickly.

  29. True, RML is pretty popular too for their "free" shipping paired with clearance deals. All in all I like them but the shipping time could definitely be improved upon.

  30. Just recommended this video to someone on the subreddit! Awesome video btw!

  31. You can also do multiple passes.

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