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  1. A lot can be achieved in four years... But he's from Florida, so I'd say probably juice.

  2. Try pressing the button and holding it for as long as you want it to run. This can set a memory in it .

  3. He'll be on gear but it'll not be anything that bodybuilders would use, with the be possible exception of HGH and/or micro dosed T. Thyroxine, EPO, maybe corticosteroids.

  4. « Micro dosed T » i swear this sub is full of retards who never touched anabolics and yes athletes use drugs but not hear their main goal is speed and reaction time not muscle mass u moron


  6. How well can you move the boat? Height is merely an associated variable not a definitive one.

  7. Would the summary "dealing with" those found in possession of CP be illegal in Ancapistan?

  8. If you collect 7 million coke points you win a helicopter and can give free rides to people.

  9. Not all gyms are exclusively 18+.

  10. The F-35 is not meant to win a piss poor Top Gun LARP. It is meant to drive China's rapidly aging population into bankruptcy to try to keep up .

  11. For some context, China's economy has grown 3.3% this year, the smallest it's been in decades (not counting 2020, a dark year for everyone), almost all of which is simply more debt, not real growth. This is an extreme case, but more and more of their growth since 2008 has been unproductive debt-funded infrastructure projects and useless undesirable real estate rather than real productivity gains, while at the same time they are the fastest-aging population on the planet and are already dealing with a labour force that's shrinking in absolute terms. And now their political situation is increasingly turning authoritarian, which will strangle innovation and international trade further. Their golden age has come to an end.

  12. So what you're saying is that F-35s going to be flying peacekeeping missions over Beijing before the end of the decade?

  13. I'm something of a geneticist my self. Let me tell you about the heritability of traits within gro...

  14. Brit here. It's all true. Non anglo Euros are a fascist to a man.

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