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  1. while labor costs are sticky and remain high, aren't we beginning to see a dramatic decrease in commodities (lumber, gas, copper, etc.)?

  2. yes, but they're on the downtrend. lumber is now below what is was in February 2020. Your notion the commodity prices can't/won't come down is blatantly false as we are seeing it right now.

  3. Products that are sold competitively (ie through numerous sales channels) will see a race to the bottom with regards to pricing, like lumber. But for products that are more limited and complex, like air handlers, pricing will not fall so fast unless all manufacturers drop pricing. However, with air handlers for example, labor costs have increased and individual components increased. So there is no guarantee the cost will come down.

  4. As someone else mentioned on this thread, Kean Jr. is running in a new districted gerrymandered enough to lean right. So he is running basically on name recognition and doesn't have to do much campaigning. Would be great if we can force candidates into debate.

  5. Many homes owned by boomers tend to be older styles that are not popular to current consumers so usually they are knocked down to be rebuilt or completely gutted and renovated which reduced the value of the property.

  6. I like to open google maps and find “green” spots on the map nearby. A couple years ago I discovered a wooded trail the town over that nobody in my family knew about despite having lived in the area our whole lives (my parents included)

  7. Agreed, I have driven to random green areas and found newly laid walking paths. There is a new park in East Brunswick built over a Superfund site.

  8. Working out daily has helped my stress levels related to work. But I would recommend working out in the morning to get the best effect for the day.

  9. Tires should have serial numbers printed on each tire that can be tied back to the buyer. These tires being dumped is ridiculous.

  10. I went nearly every day this week. So far, have gone for a steady 11 weeks and am up almost 50% in weights for each exercise. I love the feeling and hate missing an opportunity to go!

  11. There is clearly anger towards LLC's buying and renting homes. Some would argue this is adding upward pricing pressure which ultimately pushes many occupant-owners out of the market.

  12. California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars The decision, to take effect by 2035, will very likely speed a wider transition to electric vehicles because many other states follow California’s standards.

  13. "In its annual report 2022’s Best States to Live In, WalletHub factored in cost of living with job opportunities, quality of education and safety. The Garden State was second overall behind Massachusetts — though it was 48th in cost of living, just ahead of Hawaii and California. Mississippi ranked last overall in this year's study.

  14. NO! Widening roadways DOES NOT improve traffic flow. We need to get folks out of cars and into trains and busses. Invest in NJ transit.

  15. We only use this. It is amazing. Great deal and works great as well. We go through one per month.

  16. You should try to change your flight. That is a rough ride. I hope your ticket was $3.

  17. Gas is $2.89 in Louisiana. Our prices to drop below three dollars within the next month.

  18. The real reason for high property taxes is because this is one of the only ways to keep taxes IN New Jersey. With many residents working in bordering states, a lot of income tax does not stay in New Jersey. But when you tax property, that tax will stay here. New Jersey is very unique in that sense since there are no other states in our Union in the same situation.

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