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  1. Episode 19 is just plain pointless garbage serve nothing to the story, why the hell only bringing back Bitch-ass Carmeara, Tsuburaya is nothing but a one-sided

  2. you mean things only you want, and when it doesn't happen you whine about it as if youre entitled to it

  3. of course!!! and look at all of you, you don't care about them at all, they are just useless no-quality piece of crap to everyone, only Carmeara cunt matter ONLY HER MATTER, SHE'S A CUNT GODDAMN ONE-SIDED TSUBURAYA

  4. Same repetetive Accel jokes I already saw on this Reddit, Garbage meme

  5. This single episode has baited me more times than any other tokushow fuck you toei and see you next week

  6. Gotta agree what you said, I'm now tired of following the shows

  7. seriously what with the new plot that keep coming and coming

  8. I don't think the audiences hate him though. Every Sentai fans I know love him.

  9. Please tell me this actually exists

  10. It just a clip of Kasumin dancing with that song put in it, it was post on this Reddit but I don't know where is it now

  11. First Kamen Rider series I saw. Yeah its a mess, but the main cast was amazing and the concept was really cool.

  12. Probably for the same reason Levi didn't give a damn about helping the very same person who proceeded to kill his entire squad

  13. He voice most of characters since 1974 until his final moment, he become King as his name

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