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  1. I bought a Model 3 in Europe a month ago, and it had a blue charging cable and a mobile charger.

  2. I think I have a relatively well-developed roster, but I haven't really ever bothered trying out Spiral Abyss. Could somebody please recommend a viable team setup for the current Abyss with these guys?

  3. What is better, a pentamelded lv610 (crafted) weapon, or a lv615 (Barbariccia) weapon?

  4. I stopped paying for the retainer service and moved the two that hold all my stuff to the top of the list. Alas, they are apparently not the ones who will still work for me for free. How can I change this (or recover the inventories of the other two retainers?)

  5. One issue for me is that cutscenes pause when I alt-tab to focus the window in the second monitor. Can this be turned off?

  6. The EU servers are currently down, it seems. Is this maintenance? Where was it announced?

  7. Eversion by Alastair Reynolds, coming out now. Very spooky.

  8. F2P player. I need to spend my vintage BP store currency and can either get the weapon for Fervent Tempo or Fallen Rosemary. Which of them is better to invest in? The notable valks I already have are AE, HoS, HoF, HoV and HoR.

  9. I mean, I play Honkai and I don't even understand that game. There's space monsters, space magic and space magic girls, who spout incomprehensible exposition at each other and beat space monsters up. Nothing of it makes any sense, and I expect Star Rail to be the same.

  10. Do you want to cast spells or do you want to hit stuff? Maybe both?

  11. I'm more partial to zapping than to hitting.

  12. The best way to zap stuff is with Arcane Trickster and my favorite Arcane Trickster build is:

  13. Thank you, this is very helpful! (What's EA, though?)

  14. I'd like to get into extreme and then savage content; is there any organized way to do so on Light/Chaos DC? (I managed to beat Baldesion Arsenal thanks to a run organized by the Eurekan Academy; these guys are great.)

  15. In Eureka / Baldesion Arsenal, which is better - a iLvl 600 weapon, or a Eureka relic weapon?

  16. Big selection in Migros Marktgasse, on the lower floor.

  17. Do the Dalriada or Castrum Lacus Litore yield XP?

  18. Zadnor. Why is it easy to find Z3 groups, but not Z1/Z2 groups? Makes rank leveling and relic farming a pain.

  19. Thanks for the comprehensive answer. My main issue is with the one-time relic grind that needs like 30 materials specifically from Z1 and Z2, but these also can be technically farmed outside Zadnor.

  20. Merci à tous, je vais arranger un trajet en voiture... c'est assez étonnant qu'une simple tache comme acheter un billet en ligne est aléatoire chez les SNCF.

  21. Tu peux utiliser l'application TrainLine. Je viens de tester, ton trajet fonctionne.

  22. Merci! En effet, j'ai déja essayé ce site, et pour le trajet désiré (depart à La-Chaux-de-Fonds a 12:00 demain) ca donne "Aucun billet disponible. Veuillez préciser votre recherche." :-(

  23. Are there any working plugins (forbidden, I know) for looping combat macros to alleviate the boredom of BLU level grinding?

  24. When will Tataru's Grand Endeavor Quests continue?

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