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AITA for kicking a girl I didn’t know out of my wedding.

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  1. هو الناس مش بتزهق من فكرة انهم يفضلوا يحولو يثبتوا رأيهم في اي مناقشة بالطريقة دي؛ إللي هي اصل كان في عالم موثوق قال مش عارف إيه بس انا نسيت او سعات مبيكونش في عالم اصلا بس بيقولوا حاجة كاسرة لقوانين الطبيعة و المنطق و متوقعين انك تصدق فعلا العبط ده.

  2. ابن دين الكلب الدجال ده، كل ما يعوز يهبد، يقولك حاجة علمية و مش فاكر اسمها

  3. ايوووا بجد! في فيديو تاني ليه بيقول ان الست ايديها فيها غدا بتثير غرائز الرجل بالادله والإعجاز والبتنجان

  4. Because it's usually a brag about they they "hot that MILF in bed" or smashed that p****"..think porno titles and you may get through gist of why women wouldn't appreciate that

  5. Love how they perfectly show that their God almighty is a sexist douche

  6. Wohoo Trust in the process and don't give up on it As long as your therapist seems knowledgeable and is actually working by scientific research and methodologies, go for it

  7. From my own experience, it was great at the begining but it took a turn for the worst..gradually but oh so fast. I became very dependant on it for sleep, managing my anxiety for work, social events,general issues (internal or external) I became addicted to it and basically my day to day revolved around getting high and making sure my stock was enough.

  8. I saw you mentioned wise not transferring to Egypt, do you know someone who tried wise but couldn't transfer to Egyptian USD banks?

  9. Yes happened with me..been relievingpney in EGP Can only receive USD and transfer to my USD bank account via payoneer. But I second the high fees for Payoneer, today transferred just 100 usd from it to my local bank and they took $10 as fees -.

  10. No I have never needed to prove anything to my therapist to let them know that I was struggling. Trying to overcome BPD is a struggle there's no doubt about this. My biggest struggle was to be able to see other people's boundaries and when I finally was able to I could also establish my own boundaries and I could clearly see everything that I was not seeing and for me it was exhilarating and I was happy that I was making others dislike me and I truly never understood why people seemingly didn't like me. After I discovered other people's boundaries my friendships were a lot easier to maintain.

  11. On a side note, background music to Islamic videos is so cringe

  12. I just love how some of you guys think that these fascists who hate the brown muslim refugees, will somehow love you.

  13. Well when you're not really accepted in your homeland which offers you sub human living conditions..what viable option do we have? Serious question albeit frustrated

  14. YTA - hands down It's about priorities, was your boundary and conflict with BIL more important than supporting your husband during mum's funeral?

  15. This could be a literal drawing of me atm.. Frustrated face and cat sleeping in a fuzzy ball next to my pillow

  16. Extremely saddening news... I was literally just listening to a live of his on transportation today and came back to see this on my tl :/

  17. I stumbled on it live last night and it ruined the night for me. I think he was trying to put on a brave face but his voice was Shaky and his reassurance didn't feel that..reassuring

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