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  1. Feel like the casting and the look of the boogeyman itself is going to be key for this

  2. The Doctor comforting the gama forest girl in Demon’s Run

  3. 6 is the worst for me , purely on the basis of how poorly they treated it , and war because it’s just meh

  4. If you collect all the wrong letters you get a secret bonus short story

  5. That last season of McCoy is fantastic - one of my faves and I think it only gets the bashing it gets because it was the last season of classic who and people think it shoulders the blame of its cancellation

  6. Caning means doing something a lot - so she’s watching the hologram a lot and the half is just to reinforce that as that also means a lot

  7. Thanks for clarifying, “didn’t half” to mean doing something a lot isn’t something we have here either, from context I could tell he was probably accusing her of watching the hologram a lot, but “didn’t half” to my American ears sounds like it should mean a little instead of a lot.

  8. I’ve always assumed she would have been drafted into the time war to build weapons and experiments to help win. You can only speculate what happens then; I have some ideas. Would like to see big finish pick up and redeem the character

  9. In short there's legal issues around the estates of Pip an Jane baker, so that's why big finish haven used her in a while.

  10. The name ‘doctor’ pre exists and the mind wipe doesn’t take that away. The name the doctor chooses as a promise; it just goes further back than we thought.

  11. But then why wouldn't John Smith from Human Nature have given himself the Doctor title? If the mind wipe doesn't take the name Doctor away, it shouldn't for John Smith either

  12. Personally I think the division mind wipe is different from the chameleon arch

  13. It's been a long time since I read it, so my recollection is limited. It features the Seventh Doctor rather than the Tenth, and Bernice Summerfield instead of Martha Jones (posing as the Doctor's niece rather than his maid).

  14. The future doctor turns out to be one of the family of blood pretending to be the 10th incarnation of the doctor to get Bernice trust, however she works it out immediately

  15. Possibly - it’s a great coincidence, especially as the description given ‘thin, tall, brown hair , confident and handsome’ are decent descriptions of the 10th doctor

  16. I think Bel and Vinder baby is the Master.

  17. War breaks the promise with the moment and some of his other actions

  18. There’s a few but my first and oddest choice is ‘aliens of London’ because I was about 11 and that cliffhanger and ‘next time’ trailer was the first that absolutely grabbed me and hooked me forever

  19. The current music is very ambient and fades into the background- the only one I clearly remember and like was the cybermen theme

  20. My personal choice would be Michael Sheen , BUT I don’t actually care what gender the 14th is. I think a female 14th would be useful to show it’s not a novelty and if not 14 then 15 or 16 would have to be otherwise 13 will be consigned as a novelty / shock cast forever

  21. It could have been an interesting quirk of her character; how she feels the need to explore everything! And that could have been reflected in her over use of the sonic.

  22. 12 remembers properly , 11 has hazy recollections of doing something , all the others forget, apart from kinda vague murmurs like certain scenes in big finish stuff and possibly 10’s last line.

  23. I hear that Nyssa's had a lot of additional development in the Big Finish Audios over the years, not to mention a couple of the Virgin Missing Adventures (I quite liked the idea of vampire Nyssa in Goth Opera! ^^).

  24. I only read 4 Missing Adventures, and this was one of them - and it was my favourite one.

  25. I love the leisure hive- it was good to have him back in doctor who

  26. I watched all of the Reeltime Pictures' works first, which I really loved. Then I watched most of the other standalone ones from BBV before getting, it was certainly different from everything else! lol xDDD

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