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  1. she has a cute face and a hot body - all you need to do the kind of films she does (apart from gehraiyan)

  2. I love you Shahrukh You deserve all the love and happiness in the world and more

  3. whats wrong with you. i'm 5 2 and alia bhat is 2 inches taller than me. varun is clearly at least 3 inches taller than aliaa.

  4. I'm in Toronto and I couldn't get a ticket for yesterday, today or tomorrow. so I don't know what delusion this man is on.

  5. kangana has literally been in 0, Z E R O, 0 0 0 0 0 0 ZERO, artistic endeavours

  6. Bechara Arjun tv pe bhii utna hi bakwas jitna movies main

  7. Khushi has no personality or charm while suhanas smile is like a magnet

  8. did both of them get the same treatment from media? one was ostracized, harassed, mentally tortured while the other was not. go figure.

  9. Maine aur teen char soch rakhe hai khatarnak se, jab ban ho jaunga to unka use karunga.

  10. you are literally rotten tatti, thats what your brain is, thats what you embody. rotten old tatti

  11. always a hero. name another actor who has gotten global love the way he has. and no, PC does not count (she is NOT universally loved the way SRK is)

  12. You do know it’s not only the fathers gene that affect the son/ANY offspring right?

  13. To me it sound nothing close to besharam rang. But it does remind me of a song of altaf, cant exactly pinpoint

  14. She was proud of being bi back in the day but now pretends to be hetero

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