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‘This Was a Coup D’etat’: Trump Planned to Seize Power Using Military, Fake Electors

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  1. The fifth sister is playing chess with Katie cause you need two people to play chess

  2. Actually you can play chess by yourself, it's actually quite challenging because you have to outsmart your own move. It's a tactic for developing better strategic chess moves.

  3. This was barely a coup compared to the numberous coups the USA has attempted on other nations.

  4. Barely a coup because it was carried out by fools who believed in a Buffon who couldn’t accept losing. They should all receive long prison terms.

  5. Including other Presidents who partook in coups against other nations.

  6. fbi would never support Malcolm x tf you talking about 💀

  7. He's saying that the FBI spread propaganda about MLK cheating on his wife during the civil rights movement.

  8. And the FBI tried to spread propaganda from inside to cause a larger division between Malcolm X and the NoI. The FBI tried to destroy both of them.

  9. they had to specify that the communist party was anti-democratic and bad to try and equate them to nazis

  10. this is unrelated but just wanted to say I thought it was funny I got your oneyplays post right under this one on my front page + you're a carti fan. we're both into the exact same shit

  11. Average anarchist from internet who can't name 2 anarchist orgs from his country right there

  12. Im trying to remember the anarchist milita group that had members refuse to do drill because it was "authoritarian". Unsurprisingly they didn't last long. I forget the country they were in.

  13. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out. You can find help at a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  14. I'm not here to cause any harm. Please don't contact the police, please don't alert the authorities, please don't freak out. I'm not going to kill myself or hurt anyone or anything like that, but please don't freak out.

  15. that sub is anti-communist plain and simple. it's anarchists with a superiority complex constantly talking out of their asses. I hate that sub with a passion

  16. I really wouldn't be surprised. they want that sub to be anarchist only lol

  17. it's funny because that sub existed for years and gained traction due to communists working together, and now that the mods are actively going after communists the sub has lost much of its traction.

  18. Pretty sure the mods have banned ML/tankie posts here in the past.

  19. Advocating for worker solidarity and fighting reactionary power is authoritarian?

  20. Bro did what? Getting cocky now that dislikes are removed.

  21. You can do a lot as a support when playing Ana, Baptiste, Lucio, and Bridgette. Gotta find a better playstyle.

  22. I think a lot of people who only play a bit of support thinks their one and only job is to heal.

  23. Yep Zen too, probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite support!

  24. shoulda never smoked that shit bro 🤦🏿

  25. Grow out your hair and you'll see it bro

  26. when it's cold outside and you gotta keep moving to stay warm

  27. Oh, did you miss the USA sending a billion dollars towards the development of that vaccine? We could have bought ourselves a lot of tests with that money.

  28. We could've, and we barely did 2 years after any other nation on our level. Cope harder.

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