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  1. I know others have answered I'm just curious why that is a security problem lol

  2. Its not really a security problem, but some people just prefer to keep stuff like their prefered music to themselves. For example for me music is really personal thing for some reason (outside of internet) so I don't want people around me to know what I like to listen to or what I'm listening to. It doesn't have any real logic behind it, but that is just how I work for some reason. Also some people might just want to keep it as secret if they are embarassed or something.

  3. Yeah, and that's cool. Everyone's different. I was just curious about the reasoning behind it that's all

  4. Steam link uses a lot of power with high bandwidth video.


  6. I wouldn't exactly call that a store, more a website in an app.

  7. I mean, it's still the OnePlus Store lol, regardless of how (poorly) it's implemented. They do have a store.

  8. OP probably ask if it's possible to change all the icons and not only battery.

  9. If you tap on the status bar button, it'll give you a list of icons to enable/disable.

  10. Like you said, only disabling or enabling. No icon customization.

  11. Well, yes, that is a form of customization, but I see now what you mean. You could never change the icon style previously anyway though, only what's being shown, so I wasn't really on that track.

  12. My bet is that they aren't old enough to drive or are unable to get covered by auto insurance anymore.

  13. Your comment reminds me of when I was 16 or 17, begging my mom to start teaching me how to drive. She suggested I play GTA or something to learn. I had to explain that games like that are more for crashing than driving

  14. I'm not gonna lie, I learned a lot of little mental stuff from playing the original Forza on the Xbox 360 when I was in high school lmao

  15. No, because humans teach each other to hate them or that they're insignificant. They process pain just like anything else.

  16. I am surprised it is not using it’s sting.

  17. Well, he didn't really need to. Their claws are very capable.

  18. No, unfortunately Google removed that feature, and I doubt they intend to bring it back. Pretty sure the pixel rollout is affecting how they think about features going forward.

  19. Yep, whicons! I was trying a few launchers last night and didn't see anything I didn't hate. But I'll give those 2 a shot.

  20. Here's a bunch of nice, comprehensive white/outline packs since I think we like the same themes. Most are paid.

  21. I've worn some pretty tight pants where in the front pocket I felt like I was exerting too much force on it when sitting normally. Can't imagine having a weak enough phone to where it would break from that kind of use

  22. I can't imagine having an ass fat enough to sit on your wallet or your phone and not even care about it, let alone break it

  23. You clearly don't wear tight pants that have front pockets 😂

  24. I wear skinnies. But I use my back pockets, and take my phone out when I sit down lol

  25. I also love that that face unlock icon sits right on the pommel of the sword

  26. I use setedit app and set peak_refresh_rate to 59.9 and that forces 120hz on all apps but you have to do it every time you restart your phone.

  27. Setting it to -1 forces full refresh rate at all times even in apps like telegram when the keyboard is open. Works really well

  28. I know, I didn't say it was meant to be offensive, but if someone from US were to come by it I expect they would give it a weird look.

  29. Seeing as it's just the word for black in Spanish if anyone here in the states has an issue they need to learn more Spanish. It's seriously nothing special or offensive. I say this as a Texan that, well, knows some Spanish.

  30. Just because you're scared of something doesn't make it bad. Get over your fear. We share this planet with tons of animals that we just barge in on and act like they're the invaders.

  31. but you can't install.local upgrades anymore on Android12 ...unless I'm missing something?

  32. Need to use a specific APK to install local updates. The OP community posts for each major upgrade have those APKs

  33. 'Tis. I'm pretty sure it's their rarely seen Shiba mascot, Una.

  34. Oooh doge! boop the snoot! So wholesome chonker!! tips fedora my fellow stranger hoomans Updoot to the left!

  35. Having the reaccept every permission I had set and setting up nova again

  36. Ah yeah upgrading an OS version will do that regardless. Always fun haha

  37. That did it, some weird side effects tho

  38. If you think you need more than 8GB of RAM in a phone you've been blinded by buzzword marketing lol

  39. Change your display size my dude. Settings, Display, Display size. Make it smaller. Done. You sound like you need some coffee goddamn lol

  40. As if that wasn't the first thing I tried...everything is on the smallest setting...everything...and it still looks like this

  41. Well... Sorry man. You can enable Developer settings and change the minimum dpi to make the display scaling whatever you desire. It'll be labeled "Smallest Width" and you can try something like 400 to start, and increase the number gradually to continue making it smaller until it's where you want it.

  42. In your camera app settings there should be a "double press to open camera" or "quick launch" and disable that

  43. That sounds pretty weird. Maybe try turning on auto-rotate, open the camera app, hold the phone right-side-up, and then disable auto-rotate. Works for some apps if they get stuck in a weird orientation... Not sure if it'll work in your case. Worth a shot.

  44. Only the home screen? When I removed them it also removed the names from the main all-apps screen as well. Did I miss a setting?

  45. Right. It kept them in OOS11, and only removes them from the home screen. With OOS12 and on, they make it remove names from every screen. Can't stand it.

  46. Did you make sure to install the Qualcomm USB drivers?

  47. I have all the drivers installed and it quit working after going to android 12/13. Maybe I'll reinstall them on the PC and try again.

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