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  1. Yes I understand the mirror effect can happen with some cameras, but the logo on his shirt wasn’t....

  2. It's because the mirror effect was corrected by his phone.

  3. So it corrected everything but his eyes

  4. The concept of "Mirror Effect" and how a camera works got y'all boys in a literal chokehold. Be easy.

  5. Problem is not whether or not he’s actually injured, eye pokes suck, it’s just that he quit immediately instead of at least taking the 5min before doing so. Was just a bad look in that moment

  6. He literally couldn't and still can't see out of his eye. A normal eye poke usually just causes your eye sting yet you can still see out of it, even though you're trying to constantly reclose it due to the pain. Compare it to getting an eyelash in your eye and up the pain by a small margin of 2-3 multiplier.

  7. oh yeah so all the advertising in every single sport ever shown on TV is fucking backwards ROFL

  8. It's part of the game and the opponent has his own blame for sure. But my problem with Izzy is all the talk and showmanship and telling people he doesn't care about titles but showing off. He then proceeds to point fight to hold his title. Just shut up if that's how you're going to do it.

  9. You're right but in some way, it is a legitimate bragging right for Izzy. He's so skilled that no Top MW in the world wants to enforce their will on him.

  10. Don't even get me started with this fraud, he's barely a coach let alone his namesake.

  11. he's actually being deceived, the bottom is hoisted up really high , hiding her gut.

  12. maybe, but even then it wouldn't matter much haha

  13. Idk, it must be the black in me, but I actually think she's pretty fit 🤣

  14. He has to be a jerker, I refuse to believe my fanbase this delusional 😭😭

  15. Love? Tea? A Billion-Dollar IP? Who knows?

  16. Ok, this video just ruined my day dreams of being a pro MMA fighter. Ground and pound drills my god I dont want to do that.

  17. this not how they should be going hard sparring is dumb asf go around 20% or touch sparring and 3 weeks to 2 weeks bring up a bit to 50-70% this is how most pros do it now and its way better

  18. Funny thing is, this is 50-70% lol. No elbows to the grounded Adesanya, no upkick from Izzy, no real consistent attempt to reground Izzy from Dan, Dan is wearing 16oz gloves, etc.

  19. To be honest, it's not that bad. You're not rocked so you have your wherewithal, and assuming that you take MMA, you would be able to angle your head/body so you wouldn't take the full damage.

  20. True to a degree, but I heard (allegedly) that most of the people who hate these guys don't even pay for the cards they're on. I heard they illegally stream it (allegedly ofc).

  21. Thank God. Now he doesn't have to play that cringe character anymore that Henry and his coach were trying to make him portray.

  22. ?? People don't like shadowheart 😭? Damn, where tf have I been 🤣🤣?

  23. haha thats an awesome interaction. (So you did this....)

  24. If Emmet used a pull, he could've caught Kattar when he brought his hands to his hips. Don't this he's that good at countering tho.

  25. Tbh I think he's just doing this for the buzz at this point because surely he knows that Winn has been DC teammate for ages. It's very normal for him to be supportive of Winn lmao.

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