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  1. I'm a Barkov believer but idk if I'd have him above Kaprizov and Crosby

  2. I know reputation and career have to be taken into account, but I absolutely take Barkov over sid right now. And I say that as someone who never hated the man through his time fathering my team.

  3. "Dom at the Maple Leafs" would have you believe otherwise

  4. Its always interesting when someone with an established platform is a massive homer, it makes people dislike them more for some reason.

  5. In Bruges has hung around the 2 to 4 range for a long time but hasn't taken over yet

  6. I don’t get it, is it just a need to be called the highest paid player in the league? Realistically if Matthews signs for 13 mill or 16 mill, he will never notice the extra 3 million or the lack of 3 million.

  7. Yeah i hear ya, I guess it's easy for those of us that will never even sniff 100K a year to say that. But I just can't help but be bugged when I see contract discussions in sports become a riff because a player wanted 36 million instead of 32 million a year.

  8. I know I'm supposed hate them and all, but the devils are way too low in my opinion. Then again I thought they'd make a jump last year and they too were booty.

  9. This would be a bad blow for Dallas if he isn't a star in the future. Guys like Jason don't just come around, you gotta keep them long term.

  10. I'm praying for literally any Philadelphia Flyer to have a productive season

  11. Hate when we lose that close to the end. But a lot of guys looked good tonight. I'm big on Noah Cates. Love him

  12. Travis Boyd got paid more than an ELC simply due to arizonas lack of center depth. He could play in the kerrisdale community center and it would be fun to him

  13. He's a relatively productive player. At least last year. I've always liked watching him play

  14. Anyone else have a big green blotch on their screen? It's not our TV because the fire stick works. Might be Comcast

  15. Wasn't expecting this comment section to be empty. Hope Zegras is ready for game 1

  16. Jackson Cates. We already knew Noah was a legit player. Looked super comfortable at the NHL level with 9 points in 16 games, now his brother Jackson is starting to look like he could develop into a solid bottom 6 guy. Looks a lot better than last year in my opinion.

  17. They said he's going to a level 1 trauma center? What is the significance in that? Bad?

  18. Eagles have a pretty breezy schedule too. They could come out with a really good record if they keep up this play

  19. I like Max Willman. He played some decent hockey last season

  20. Solid bridge deal, hope he doesn't end up scoring 20 goals and 50 points tho

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