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  1. How do I get that ? I told the second to come with me and I didn't get a quest marker or anything for him and when I looked on the island I could find neither of them

  2. I don’t remember all the details, but I did the Siren’s quest first to get the little guy, then the cyclops quest to get the big guy. When I finished the big guy’s quest, he wanted a friend for fishing, and the little guy appeared and they started fishing together.

  3. This is amazing craftsmanship but i don’t see how that would work on his phone other than scratching the hell out of it

  4. That’s probably the easiest problem to overcome, all you need is a bit of soft material that conducts voltage. It’s the same principle as a capacitative stylus.

  5. Would brass work as a good conductor of the bodies electricity though? What you’re saying makes sense but isn’t showed leaving me with those questions

  6. Yes, there are brass alloys that are conductive enough. You can try it at home if you have a brass tack. Hold the tack with your bare hand and touch it to your phone.

  7. It's how every department store is. It's not a real social problem but I think the fashion industry could be more equitable towards masculine needs.

  8. I think that is more of a local thing. Hard to sell unique, high-end men’s clothes in a city that prides itself on wearing breathable hiking pants to the opera. I think that’s fine, yet I’ve also become accustomed to taking an empty suitcase to LA and stocking up on nice clothes there every once in a while.

  9. I feel alone for thinking that Russian cursive was fun and useful to learn. We had to write out all our assignments on paper and it was certainly faster with to do that with cursive… which now that I think about it, is also a reason that ancient people give when advocating for English cursive instruction but clearly those people are old and wrong.

  10. I run my property like a halfway house for wayward animals. I don’t mind if you need to spend time here, but if you start to harass or attack the other residents, then your visit here comes swiftly to an end.

  11. “I'm only 21 years old and I know that there's been too many wars... You people over 21, you're older and smarter.” —Bob Dylan, 1962

  12. In my personal experience, I've heard many white males say that, to the point I would have never connected the phrase to African american women at all.

  13. Ya know, it’s funny. I’m a huge trek nerd but growing up just heard about how terrible TMP was. I watched every other movie dozens of times (except 5) and didn’t watch TMP until I was an adult. And I fuckin like it, basically for the same reasons stated here, and was pissed I didn’t give it a chance earlier!

  14. My dad took me to see TMP & Wrath in a double feature just before III came out, so I got to form my own opinion. I do remember excitedly pointing out the differences in the uniforms, which I think disturbed my dad a little.

  15. Every night until about 1am. The traffic up stairs at departures is usually better. If you’re picking someone up just have them take an escalator up at the baggage claim.

  16. And also have them walk to either T1 or T8 so you can use the little shortcut thing and not have to drive all the way around the loop.

  17. Currently, Kaczynski is incarcerated in a federal prison medical facility in North Carolina. He has publically shown no remorse for his actions. Recently, he has shared with pen pals that he has terminal cancer and is expected only to live a couple more years.

  18. Does it have a function or is it just a very very pretty alcove?

  19. sorta (oil derricks not that narrow in shape)

  20. It’s hard to see in this photo but it does get wider at the bottom, and yes it was intended to represent an oil derrick. Richfield was an oil company and this was their headquarters.

  21. That’s awesome. Do you know what the lines on the set list are? Like did they change anything onstage between those songs?

  22. That’s funny. Cats have their own idea of deny shui, I guess. I bought mine a tower and it wasn’t until I moved to a different spot that they started using it. Now they use it no matter where I put it, including the original spot. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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