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  1. Careful that's a Tactical squirrel, little fuckers don't mess around.

  2. any gist of what they are saying? not the joke translations please.

  3. aren't the beds sitting out there in the forest?

  4. As armchair General, it looks to me, judging by the tracks, the russians have been using the same positions to fire and counterbattery was simply waiting for them to come back to the same spot before they had a chance to fire their salvo.

  5. Back to school sale? No, Back to War Sale

  6. I take it that they are talking about the time magazine cover, but was Zelensky presenting that cover or was it just B-Roll?

  7. I guess Putin forgot to tell them its a "Bring your own Gear" type mobilization

  8. Bayraktar asked the videos not to be shown to the general public since beginning of march. Only a few videos leak out once in a while. Also OPSEC

  9. Looks like a slower version of what happened over in kharkiv, lyman besieged like balikliya was while other forces advance past

  10. its slower because of Operational pacing, and the fact that territory consolidation is still ongoing.

  11. As Seargent Horvath would say: "We're in business!"

  12. putin has been putting heat to the water and the frogs has not realised it was too late by years. Putin and his cronies will rule with the same iron fist like stalin did. Did you know that they recently passed a law to literally nationalize any company to start production on weapons and gear? it will soon be back to command economy in the end.

  13. might as well donate all the workable ones dumped at burningman.

  14. someone in the industry chime in on steel plant fires? for a facility dealing with molten metal, wouldn't this be a difficult thing to sabotage save burning the control room?

  15. Flag Welding Russian just dies Ukranian Commander: "Someone make a note of that man's bravery"

  16. That man has to be both the bravest, and stupidest person in the entire russian army.

  17. Norrington: "So it would seem"

  18. everything in Russia is a paper facade, like North Korea.

  19. Vote Yes to join Russian Federation, Vote No to Reject Ukranian State.

  20. I keep seeing them saying that NATO troops are in Ukraine, so do they literally think that, or do they know fine well these are volunteer foreign fighters not sent by NATO and misrepresenting it for propaganda?

  21. no, most propagandists are smart and know WTF is going on. otherwise they won't be in the position they are today. they are in it for their lives and livelyhood. they know they are protected as long as Mr. Putin is kept happy. been reading up on what's going on inside Russia, and there has been phrases and statements made by a few propagandists which act as a codeword for incoming hard times, and the subsequent reaction of all the grocery stores going empty because of that.

  22. I hope they are prepared for the more violent police force or riot control

  23. where is John Wick when you need him, need a contract on Putin

  24. dolphins have already left, and thanks us for all the fish

  25. hard to say about accepting Russians in other countries, on one hand, removing Russians potentially being mobilized from the equation would give some relief to UA. and force Putin to find alternative recruits.

  26. I would like to know further context, like did they voluntary surrender? were they part of the Putin mobilization?

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