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  1. And so is making batteries. And so is using rubber tires. and so is breathing at this point. The amount of pollution attributed to personal car usage is literally less then 1% of the entire amount. It's trucking, food production and power production and more then half of that comes from China. Not worried about it.

  2. For reals. They should focus on getting old dirty inefficient cars if the road not screwing with newer car owners for money. So stupid

  3. It's too hot for sous vide. It's ok for searing.

  4. I did it once and followed the bin appetite method from you tube. I think I let it cure for an extra couple days since it was still mushy. Don't remember if it has a mix of salt and sugar or just salt

  5. My first mirrorless camera was the NEX-5n. I knew back then that it was a game changer and look at where we are now. Crazy how fast dslr's faded.

  6. Isn't Tonkotsu the type of Ramen, and Tonkatsu fried pork? Not tryna be that guy, just genuinely forgot the difference lmao.

  7. The top post is literally a bit asking to clarify and yes he wrote the wrong thing

  8. If u have your spare key just test it. If not read the manual.

  9. I can kinda see why the both did it.

  10. What do u mean arero doesn't sell complete rifles? The have some on the website

  11. They don't. They sell complete uppers (without BCG and charging handles but they do include them sometimes) and lowers. They do not sell it as a whole unit so they can't size the gas port for a particular buffer system. Companies selling commercial also tend to gas it for steel cased ammo and the pressure is even lower than M80 which already toned down.


  13. Do we know who manufactures Aero BCGs? For all we know it could be toolcraft. I'd probably look at a JP bolt as an alternative.

  14. Iirc people in the main video thread said toolcraft makes aero bcg

  15. metal jig, what are you talking about, metal jig? miling metal? pics and a better description..

  16. Sure s long as it stays in the right temperature zone

  17. I read through it earlier, he's eerily convincing about eating dogs! Even if it's a troll that's some really out there stuff. Yikes indeed!

  18. It's actually normal to eat certain breeds of dogs in some cultures. I think it's all/mostly outlawed now though, for developed nations at least.

  19. Hi OP! Do you have a high resolution image of this? I'd love to make a poster out of it and give it to a friend in Phoenix who teaches history.


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