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  1. The Moon is made of cheese. How could this possibly be the Moon? Let that sink in.

  2. Everyone knows that the moon is a dragon egg. It is known

  3. Is that release mechanism by design? Seems a bit too violent to be reliable.

  4. Just a head's up, this comment (at this point) had 5 points but was collapsed. I had to hit the + to see it.

  5. I think it also has to do with the fact that some can not process how long is a "MILLION" year! they think its like 300 years ago!

  6. Rapid evolution has also been observed and documented.

  7. There's a verse in the Bible talking specifically about holidays that says to the pure all things are pure. You're not worshiping Zeus or whatever by having a Christmas tree if that's not your intention. Mindset matters.

  8. Feels like something they would say during the crusades

  9. Chicks* sure the snake could survive, but what would the opposite gender think of his smelly appearance? Plus they smell with their tongues. Ewwww

  10. Finding Nemo is sorta the family friendly version of Taken

  11. I’ve been seeing post how Japanese actually do this on purpose to grow lumber without killing trees

  12. One thing is clear. You should tell her so she can go to the doctor and check it, be calm so she doesn't feel ashamed.

  13. OP cant even say vagina on Reddit, so I wonder how that talk will go

  14. The entire Black Mirror series. Especially the episodes "Shut up and Dance" and "Playtest"

  15. This is how they filmed Lord of the Rings. With giant cats

  16. Orange juice. It contains the same amount of sugar as coca cola, although it has some vitamins in it that coke does not

  17. Interstellar'r. They go even farther into space than in the original

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