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  1. For the first minions movie I remember not even being able to see the floor after it was over a few times. Literally just popcorn poured everywhere alongside your standard trash.

  2. So your logic is that because someone records themselves doing sex acts that they then make money off of, they must also want strangers to grope them in public?

  3. If any of these dissenters actually saw sex workers as people, they would know what they have to say on the matter. Hint for other commenters: many sex workers don't want to be sexually harassed or assaulted. Crazy what you can find out when you listen to people.

  4. I’m getting mad incel vibes from this thread honestly. This shit is incredibly sad.

  5. Same but in mine a fucking King Cobra somehow got into my house and cornered me and bit me and paralyzed me with its venom and began eating me while I was still alive and I felt it all.

  6. 1: Synecdoche, New York. Directed by Charlie Kaufman. It’s an incredibly challenging and confusing film, but it’s a testament to how limitless the art of film is.

  7. It’s not streaming for free at the moment but Everything Everywhere All at Once made me ugly cry for the last 45 minutes of its runtime.

  8. "Lmao that’s what you think huh? So you’re a conspiracy theorist too?"

  9. It’s weird that you don’t trust the FBI when you continuously use their statistics, no? And by your own logic if the government uses the FBI for those purposes, why wouldn’t the government also falsify statistics? I mean it’s clearly not hard to convert a bunch of teenagers into conservative mouthpieces that probably have never spent more than an hour around a black person.

  10. The full comic is great, let me find it.

  11. That’s the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen holy frick

  12. This year has been amazing for me. I got a new relaxed job that doesn't exploit me and pays well, I've started exercising and my body is looking better. I'm a couple of months away from moving to a better country.

  13. It’s a big adjustment to go from bad times to good times, especially if you’re used to being in the bad times.

  14. Godfrey would probably think Godrick is pathetic, even with the dragon arm.

  15. I’ve been meaning to listen to them which album do you recommend first ? (I love psychedelic shit if that helps)

  16. It’s kinda difficult to recommend KG albums as they don’t have a uniform style. My go-to records from them have always been Nonagon Infinity and Flying Microtonal Banana. Nonagon is a concept album that sounds like one long song if you listen to it in order, and Microtonal is a very stoner-y record, extremely good for getting high as fuck and jamming out.

  17. I fully agree and side with you. Fuck mint. I will fight mint.

  18. So they can take as much money from every group of people as possible.

  19. I mean... I liked Bone Tomahawk but it was 2 hours of build up to the one scene in everyone remembers. I wouldn't say it was a terribly violent movie outside of that, was kinda boring tbh

  20. You aren’t incorrect, and Dragged is a lot more violent throughout, I just haven’t seen much else like that scene from Bone Tomahawk outside of liveleak.

  21. It occupies the same space in my brain that Cronenberg body horror does I think, a totally unexpected subversion of the human body

  22. Is this movie worth watching in theaters? No spoilers pls

  23. If you see it just buy a ticket for The Northman or something else that’s good and watch this instead.

  24. This is a certified Mohg moment!

  25. Zamor Armor, you can get the full set from the Heroes Grave in Mountaintop of Giants.

  26. I’m generally interested in Ready Or Not as it looks like a technical marvel, but if shitheel racists are overtaking it’s fanbase I’m happy to ignore it. I sincerely hope this isn’t the fanbase the devs want.

  27. that one 911 call where iirc the girl’s brother had killed himself… her cries were very hard to listen to and found myself throwing my lunch in the fridge for later… also Henry’s water bit did have my pre-breakfast stomach turning

  28. That episode is what saved me from ever seriously considering suicide again back when I listened to it. I too have a younger sister and imagining putting her through something like that is worse than any pain I’ve ever felt.

  29. Every weapon art (or most) should receive a nerf in favor of a general buff to standard attack damage.

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