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  1. Samurai Cop wasn’t played on the Jerry Jones baritone. It was played on a Silvertone U2 in standard tuning.

  2. Rays Occult is in another neighborhood. I think they mention St Marks

  3. I think this is the answer. At first I thought typo, but comparing to other letters zoomed in, they all have that little “extension at the end. And all are symmetrical in their length.

  4. The pandemic created a huge demand for guitars, and companies struggled with QC across the board

  5. My 12-string is essentially the same as this, just a different colour and no cutaway. It’s served me well for 20 years now

  6. I can’t look at that guy without hearing “I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you sir, but I’m glad you’re feeling much better. You’re still very pale though, a little sun…”

  7. The band did a whole thing for Stand Up with a ton of behind the scenes stuff. They released them online like once a week maybe? There was a regular release cadence. I remember watching them on windows media player or real player or something, it was definitely before YouTube was a [popular] thing.

  8. I do live in Canada it's getting cold now if anything maybe that affects it idk. I have it on a stand but maybe it's not the best one, I'll change the strings but just kinda a bummer.

  9. This is the time of year where the humidity drops in Canada. Grab a soundhole humidifier at least, and keep it in a case if you can

  10. I only recently found out Dave is saying “Helena” in Two Step

  11. If you’re willing to do a bit of work putting in fibreglass to reinforce it, I totally recommend Studio Creations

  12. It bums me out to think Gibson bought this company just to shut it down

  13. The 3 listed are the “above title” actors, you’re not allowed to mess with the order or add/subtract unless you include the whole “below title” cast. These kind of things are in original contracts for the movie and they could get sued for messing with them. It’s a crazy thing…

  14. I think this was the first dvd release, I have that cover And disc somewhere.

  15. I think you and I built clones of one another, right down to the neck! I dig the grain patterns in yours

  16. Dave switched from baritone to high-B acoustic for that song in 2008, so that narrows it down a bit for you

  17. Mickey Raphael sat in on a Dylan cover with Dave at Farm Aid some year, forget which sorry

  18. Only the exterior (FDNY Ladder 8), the interior was filmed at a different station (No 23) in LA.

  19. There’s a lot of small differences if you start looking. For starters, the LA firehouse is WAY bigger. It also has windows out the back (they covered up with the wood paneling for Venkman’s office after the renovation)

  20. You are correct. The same interior was used for The Mask as the auto repair shop.

  21. I probably should have clarified what guitar and pickup I’m using, it’s an Ibanez Talman TCM50 that comes with a Ibanez Ap2 Magnetic Pickup installed.

  22. Magnetic pickups only record metal things vibrating close to the pickup, so outside noise won’t be an issue

  23. Did Egon ever smoke in the film(s)? I thought not, and that that was a point of character differentiation.

  24. I think Harold calls out that Egon never smokes in the DVD commentary

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