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  1. I really don’t understand why anyone in the GOP who had a family member insulted by Trump hasn’t confronted him especially during the 2016 campaign. If someone accused my father of complicity in the JFK assassination, I would have gone down to MAL and had words with Trump, handled things man to man

  2. My 2nd favorite scene is when the brothers secretly replace the sheet music at the opera and the orchestra starts to play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Favorite is the stateroom scene which one could argue is the best comedy bit ever outside of who’s on first

  3. I love Michelle but I’d really like to see Maggie Cheung be recognized for her stellar talent and get that Oscar. In the Mood for Love got C blocked by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in 2000 in the West. As great as Michelle was in CTHD, Maggie was 10 times as better in In the Mood for Love. (And it’s a better movie!) Maggie is very picky about her projects. Hope she finds one that gets her Oscar notice.

  4. For some reason Dodger stadium refuses to embrace local cuisine. If we had a taqueria, pupusa stand and in and out we’d blow all these places out of the water.

  5. Dodgers did have Tommy’s at one time right? Then again all you want to do after a double chili cheese is sleep it off. Also, Dodgers are missing a huge marketing opportunity by not having an In-N-Out gate. Line up and get a double double on the way into the park and another on the way out

  6. I think this is a widely misunderstood phrase. It’s not that X was so big but failed anyway. The phrase means that X is so big/important/impactful/vital that the cost/impact/result of letting X fail would be greater than the cost of bailing it out or saving it.

  7. What could happen is so many “suppliers” start to overcharge trying to get a piece of the unaware tourist market that it blocks the locals from using that service.

  8. The Life of Christ by Orson Wells It was supposed to be set as an American Western using gospel passages as the dialogue. The script did exist and they got as far as location scouting but Wells pissed so many people off (in general) it never got into production. My kid wants to make it if she gets to that level of projects.

  9. In the Mood for Love (2000) Directed by Wong Kar-wai Cinematography by Christopher Doyle The colors (especially her dresses), the lighting, the use of cigarette smoke, the scenes with rain. I saw this for the first time this summer and it immediately vaulted into my top 20 of all time

  10. Shift has always been risk/reward for the defense. This new rule will just move it from the left side of the infield to the outfield. There is nothing that prevents the RF from playing in and the two other outfielders being in Left Center and Right Center. You can now risk a double or triple against a 9-3 ground out

  11. Flip the channel between WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw

  12. West coast got WCW live on TNT and WWF at 9:00pm, so we could watch both without have to flip back and forth

  13. The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde (and other books in that series.) it’s about the investigation of the murder of Humpty Dumpty

  14. At my organization, you accrue based on hours worked. FT employees get at a minimum (working a full year) 10 days vacation, 6 personal days, 11 holidays and 10 sick days. PT workers also accrue but less because they work less hours. As you gain seniority, the hours increase on the vacation bucket up to 18 days. All the different buckets have caps, but you don’t lose any, you just stop earning. For me personally right now I have 20 days vacation, 8 personal days, 11 holidays and 8 sick days banked

  15. What to stop him from fleeing, though?

  16. It’s up to the destination country to require the passport. Its how people got into Cuba for years. They would travel legally to a another country and the take a flight from there to Havana. Cuban customs would just “look the other way “. Also private airplane staff would not be subject to needing a passport so long as they stayed at the airport.

  17. Random memories Ed Halicki’s no-no against the Mets , nightcap of a traditional Sunday doubleheader in ‘75 Joe Morgan HR against LA knocking them out of the playoffs in 82 Bonds first game against the Braves in 93 after getting walked off in the NLCS. 3-4 HR 2B 5 RBI. Giants fans troll the Braves by doing the tomahawk chant after Bonds’ homer. Prime time hits a homer for the only Atlanta run. Dozens of summer games growing up in the 70’s and 80’s

  18. LPT: Careful putting your phone in your pocket before the movie when its fully reclined. You'll need a couple of AMC staff to tilt it up so you can get your phone if it falls underneath the chair

  19. That's a cool detail about a culture I know nothing about. Thanks! Jeepneys are like taxis then?

  20. Even the idea of putting contacts in my eyes. I don’t think I could do it without either throwing up or pushing my eye out the backside of my head. I’ll stick to glasses thank you very much

  21. Different take: when deaf Major Leaguer Curtis Pride was making his way up to the Big Leagues- he said that coaches got excited when they found out he could read lips and asked him to tell them what the opposition was saying during a mound visit. He said that 90% of what was said was some sort of the following: “How you feeling?” “ Forget about the batter and concentrate on executing your pitches “Remember you got 7 guys behind you that are going to pick you up” etc. He said at each level after a few games of that, they stopped asking him.

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