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  1. that moment when you realize they were training you to be compliant...

  2. Like they never expected us to grow up and have a thought for ourselves

  3. Swag bucks... work your ass off so you can earn the right to turn into a walking billboard for us...

  4. I saw someone wearing an Amazon shirt today. Now I wonder if he bought that with swag bucks...

  5. Have you played the two? I played back to back and I felt similarities.

  6. I just think valheim is based on building. Can you build custom player bases in New World?

  7. Got them online as part of a kit, came with soil and such, greatest impulse buy I’ve ever made :D

  8. Man im so jealous, great job OP!

  9. Thanks! I can share a link with you if you’d like, we could always use more of these big bois

  10. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is usually the main target. Name, address, email, credit card numbers, social security number, passwords, etc. Depends on the breach.

  11. See I dont care about birthdays and stuff but card numbers. That definitely can't be legal? So they can't take care numbers and do what? Once they use it or do they sell that too?

  12. You care about birthday if they use it to impersonate you other places. Many places will ask some bits of PII to prove your identity. Each piece of data isn't that valuable by itself. But getting several can be.

  13. I dont want to understand this world sometimes...

  14. If that’s the way you’re wired you will be very successful. Lean into your strengths.

  15. It's the way I'm wired but I just feel like I have anxiety all the time with all these ideas I can't keep up with and ends up making me feel like a failure.

  16. I already own two of those elvish swords in the second pic

  17. A lot of companies make you watch a training video and pass a test before operating a forklift for insurance and OSHA purposes. No matter how much experience you had. Just tell em you’ve driven one but are a little rusty. Doesn’t take a ton of time to learn the basics.

  18. I've seen a lot and heard about warehouses often having one person insured to pass OSHA others are just there. But I could be wrong and only saw the few places that did it.

  19. at least for me - the first few months truly felt like Wow back in the day. People had that same sort of mind-set as they did back then, the servers were packed with people questing, meeting up to run dungeons, the world really felt alive with fellow adventurers.

  20. In my opinion that magic would come back with SoI. Playing HC has given a different WoW experience. But I wonder how people will min max that.

  21. Yeah ultimately min-maxing is what breaks the magic for a lot of this stuff. I don't fault people for wanting to find the fastest route to their goals, but ultimately in an RPG I think the player has some responsibility themselves to maintain the "role-play" aspect, which means not cheesing mechanics and min-maxing everything, even when you can.

  22. Yeah there's a quote about something to do with this. Can't remember it

  23. This is one of those videos where you will be happy is reposted

  24. Why am I not allowed to talk here?

  25. Toyota products have always great reputations, but Mazda have also had really good reports in recent years.

  26. I have a2010 mazda 3. Been having some problems where it doesn't turn on right away. Anyways been thinking of selling it now or just running it and repairing until I cant but im not sure what will save me more.

  27. Im really digging this. I love the hands especially and the color on the arm. The silhouette the lighting. Well done!

  28. It looks like it isn’t creeping, I would guess either summer squash or zucchini.

  29. I grew zucchini last year and looked exactly like that

  30. the amount of devtime you want for these fucking cities would cost us 4 dungeons, an allied race, and tier set

  31. I mean are we even getting that?

  32. I line a bowl with foil, pour in the hot grease. Once it solidifies then I close the foil around it and trash it.

  33. I will be doing this from now on, Thank you.

  34. You can also cut the top off of an aluminum can and use that.

  35. A flying fish and a flowerhorn because if those fuckers could fly they would be an indestructible force for awesome.

  36. There were 3 flower horns at my local shop and fell in love with them they're so pretty but they seemed aggressive. One kept bumping the glass when I stood in front. Just standing not even putting my hand on the glass

  37. Man, that was a strange emotional ride.

  38. I think the artist is confused too perhaps

  39. What makes it beautiful? Woman here and curious

  40. My Gf looks like a nicely wrapped present that I can't wait to unwrap. I love her so much and yeah its just as amazing.

  41. Yes. At 35 crawling around and installing wiring could leave you with aches and pains. You should have a younger professional install it for you.

  42. Im the young professional when you want that stereo lmk we've been here 35 years, here being LA

  43. I work at a stereo shop and no. Ive got regulars coming in to get their whole system set up and they're 50+ 35 is our average customer.

  44. Story time! Back when my best friend and I played wow every night and every weekend I asked my mom if I could go over his house to play. I would call it a "wow sesh" anyways I had a provisional license and I was driving my mom around. I asked her if I could go to his house for a wow sesh. She went quite. I was confused and she asked me to repeat myself in a serious tone. So I did just a little confused. And she starts laughing hysterically. Then she tells me she thought I said wild sex

  45. Experiencing my first currently. I had no idea it could be like this. <3

  46. Same, I knew instantly I wanted to marry her :)

  47. Completely ignore every comment in reply to this (I guess not this one 💁‍♀️). People here are so incredibly negative. Congrats on your lovely relationship btw :)

  48. Thank you and it happens, its natural human reactions, so I get it. Like OP said everyone should experience it is all.

  49. This picture will be going in my presentation on rock formation for my 8th grade science students. It's awesome, thanks for sharing!

  50. Can you teach us something about the rocks? I didn't have an 8th grade teacher that taught or cared

  51. Igneous rock: formed from cooled magma, either under the earth's (intrusive) surface or on top of it (extrusive).

  52. So what would you use that picture to describe? Is this igneous rock? Since its on the top?

  53. You have been chosen, what an honor.

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