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  1. And to be fair, this was very clearly the best Jade has ever competed beam internationally. Totally valid and deserving score for that routine.

  2. Team USA WAG getting it done today. Jade, Jordan, and Shi each won a Gold and Silver today!

  3. Oh ok... so one more Year. Doh have to upgrade my cable package to get big 10.

  4. FYI the Big ten also offers reasonably priced streaming via their app. May be worth it if the cost of the cable upgrade is more!

  5. 10 bucks/month for one channel is not what I'd call reasonable.

  6. The point was the app may be a good alternative if upgrading the cable package is more expensive.

  7. Maybe they feel confident in her bars score already?

  8. And I think that’s reasonable. Though Shi will score slightly less internationally than she did at champs, she’ll still score well. She hits handstands (usually), and is relatively clean with form throughout.

  9. My source: licensed to practice law in the state of NJ. (Though I do not do torts/malpractice/etc). Not my specific field so of course I recommend if you are interested in learning more, then you go to someone who does specialize in that area of expertise.

  10. Congrats! you know then the law always goes exactly as written?

  11. Pardon me for mistaking your post as an attempt to engage in conversation. Carry on with the trolling. 🤷‍♂️

  12. I liked these much better than the ugly outfit they had to wear for team final and medal ceremony

  13. Awwww I kinda was digging the NASA like podium outfits (complete with ridiculous sculptured masks)!

  14. Over the last three Olympic cycles, Japan had three women who made World/Olympic teams 6-9 times, and then everyone else lasted less than a quad. Most only made one team. It’s the same pattern Russia has had — one or two athletes with longevity mask the fact that the rest of the team is a revolving door.

  15. I get that you’re trying to connect abuse/bad coaching to Russia’s revolving door. That may be a part of it for sure (just like it is with the US). But the more likely reality is there is a revolving door in both countries because of the sheer amount of capable athletes.

  16. Mary Lee is one of the worst because in some cases she absolutely did it intentionally. She sabotaged Alyssa in favor of Morgan all leading up to the Olympics, very publicly, and pitted them against each other.

  17. Without a doubt! I wouldn’t be surprised if MLT was the driving force behind replacing injured White with non-traveling alternate Schwikert in Sydney.

  18. Actually a very good chain! Club vibes on Fri and sat night though, so be aware of that 😂

  19. You guys must not live in Southern Ocean County lmfao. I see one of these every week.

  20. More like almost everyone! I'm a delivery driver and the amount of people with "Trump 2020" flags and "F*** Joe Biden" flags at their houses and on their cars is genuinely upsetting.

  21. Yeah. While I enjoy the location to the shore and my property…it really sucks living surrounded by people like that

  22. Aly making AA finals in 2012 over Jo. Although, that meet still haunts me.

  23. Honestly, this was the expected outcome by the time qualifications came around. Jordyn had been called out on the gymternet for her poor beam construction for nearly a year leading into the Olympics.

  24. This was the first that came to my mind. I hadn't heard of her or seen her until she marched out in Sydney.

  25. She was previously on the scene back in ‘99 too. Caught her at the ‘99 worlds trials recently on YouTube and never knew that she was on the scene and on Bella’s radar before 2000.

  26. Ugh. Lari was so amazing!!! Post 2004 Romania Gymnastics has been nothing but heartbreak mixed with beautiful routines. So seeing reminders like this is always great!

  27. Probably lack of coaching abilities. For the same reason I always wondered why Romania couldn't have decent bars.

  28. I think that plays a part for sure. Strong tumblers and vaulters, in some ways, can be built with the right conditioning, coaching, etc.

  29. That would require a rules change. It’s like asking judges to give all the deductions for an entire floor exercise on on tumbling run. You’re obviously going to get less deductions on one move than a 1.5 minute routine.

  30. Ok yes very true. I know people won’t like this, but what if the deduction values were increased for vault?

  31. In this fantasy world adding Jade would likely secure the gold. Adding Mykayla would make it closer but may need to rely on Russian mistakes to nab team gold

  32. And to be fair, Jordan’s DTY is looking sharper and cleaner than last year. But I agree. Lots of overscoring everywhere

  33. Not me thinking Jordan was overscored… …. But hear me out! Placements I think are correct for all. But yeah, there were quite a few scores across the board that had me go…”at worlds, that would be 0.3-0.8 lower.” Shi and Konnor for sure earning some eyebrow raising high scores (beam and floor especially).

  34. Agree with the John R love. I’ve always appreciated his commentary. Not sure why someone is saying JR is too negative! He actually has something good and helpful to say almost always.

  35. IDK what happened with Shi at the end, I don't think she ran out of gas, I think just something wonky happened -- considering that she stuck it beautifully on night 1.

  36. She let go of the bar too late for her dismount, which forced her to complete the double tuck incredibly close to the bar. She overrotated, opened up early to spot the landing, and landed at the edge of the mat.

  37. Chellsie wasn't a specialist, she got injured at the Olympics which forced her to only do bars, but she went in as an AAer

  38. Right! Alicia was the only specialist in 2008. It was a team of 5 AA and 1 vt, beam, and floor specialist.

  39. i think the worlds team is more or less that 5, but who does AA is still a ? for me. Jordan definitely was the most unexpected one for me and we don’t really have a good indication of how she’ll do with international scoring.

  40. Konnor, Shilese, Leanne (if ready) do AA in prelims. Jordan sits vault (so Leanne can do AA) and then does the other events.

  41. I think the 2022 team is a complete no brainer and your team will is gotta be what the committee is thinking (barring injury).

  42. Super excited to see Konnor be consistent across two full AA events. Same for Jordan, Jade, and Kayla. Super impressed with the consistency.

  43. I believe that Prelims is 5 on a team, 4 up on each event and top 3 scores count. Team Finals is 3 up 3 count.

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