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  1. I use old Reddit, but in the mod box (where it lists the mods usernames) there’s a hyperlink to message them.

  2. What’s to stop brigaders from abusing the mod mail like they’re abusing reporting? I’m sorta confused about the strategy here, but for the sake of the mods & sub, I hope it works!

  3. She's a cancer survivor, a pneumonia survivor, a car crash survivor, has had two hip replacements, and she is STILL on the frontline and fighting for this community. We should all strive to be more like Cynthia.

  4. I love how the eyes bobble with the intensity of the fire breath 😂

  5. Have you checked if your character's picked up the ADHD trait somewhere? Stimulants do the opposite if that's the case.

  6. That depends/not always. My character has a strong ADHD trait and stimulants don’t tend to bring the energy bar down so much as keep it steadier. There are different manifestations of that trait though—mine seems to have that energy parasite debuff that constantly drains it with some kind of background tasks that aren’t immediately mission-oriented

  7. As someone who took several sculpting classes in college there are some serious issues here. Those lizards were molded and cast terribly which is why they weren’t used for the final. Also Ive used paper compound before and it takes days to dry. Such a waste of materials and time.

  8. Do you know what that transparent material they molded with the heat gun is called? This whole video was stupid but that’s something I might actually use

  9. I mean it does look cool but what is they are ever in a car accident? This can’t be good for the sensors on the car or- hell they just added a bunch of potential projectiles.

  10. Seems like a weird hill to die on. Bringing a dog on a leash into a Home Depot, it's like...okay...who gives a shit?

  11. Me—because I get to say hi to a dog while I’m out running errands and it makes my day a little happier. I bring mine sometimes too, and she always seems to brighten at least one person’s day

  12. Actually this might be the first time I’ve seen her do an exercise that I actually do lol. Except I use weights

  13. Heading to SNL like it’s her job or something 🤣. She’s going there to get made fun of by the cast members, nothing else.

  14. Who is y'all's favorite character? Mine is the guy in the blue cap wondering how he found himself in a GTA online lobby.

  15. The whole fight is provoked by another watermelon floatie guy, who slaps a guy on the titty and then walks off as the guy punches someone trying to calm him down

  16. I wonder why anti-spam programs won't allow us to block emails with characters and emojis. Seems like that would solve a huge problem. I'm in the process of dumping Hotmail due to huge influx of these types of spam emails after being spam free for decades.

  17. People can have foreign friends. People can have colleagues who use these characters in their name.

  18. It doesn’t mean banning all foreign characters; it means adding accented characters to the key words/phrases that are already flagged.

  19. I have no idea, she's here on this specific shot only, she's not on the previous ones nor on the ones after. There is definitely some splicing afoot, but what it means in terms of how they actually filmed the lip sync I couldn't say. I didn't notice any obvious jump cuts during the lip sync proper though but maybe I didn't look carefully enough

  20. “Pleasure to have in class” “talks too much” “smart but lazy” “doesn’t follow directions” and “incomplete assignments” sum up every report card I got all the way up until senior year until it was just “attendance affecting grade”

  21. Very intelligent contribution to class activities/discussion when she decides to participate in them instead of being disruptive.

  22. This is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen on this sub


  24. I feel like you should be able to sue someone for what happened to you

  25. They did this in Canada too. It happened to me, but I was young, alone, in a new city and made to feel by both medical staff and male relatives that I was making something out of 'nothing'.

  26. "Happy Birrrthday, Mister District Manager.... Of Dunder Mifffflin...." 🎶 🎵

  27. This is my time period, more or less. For more in depth info, including patterns, visit

  28. So the goal was to make a cone-shaped torso? I’ve always wondered about this because the breasts look so flat in this style. Was there an intention of flattening the breasts, or is that just a coincidence of the cone aesthetic?

  29. My daughter was 8lb 10oz with a 99%ile head, however she was ROP (right occipital posterior for anyone wanting to google) so she got stuck at my cervix, the odd positiong triggered fetal ejection reflex way too early, and all the pushing caused my cervix to swell up like a balloon (which they couldn't get to come down, I had to request my hospital records to find this out lol). Safe to say, worst pain of my life, my cervix was close to popping (felt like it, at least) and she came out the sunroof. Induced, 23h start to finish

  30. The hair she chose made it just a little bit edgy and cigarette smoker to me and I absolutely loved that.

  31. Also 12% is not particularly high? Like that's the standard for a pre-mixed Gordon's gin&tonic in Germany.

  32. I feel like the delivery mechanism makes it confusing. Most things I get in a can are 5-7% so I’m less likely to sip on them just by instinct.

  33. Your interpretation is less funny tho

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