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Anyone else find extreme irony in those individuals who are stoutly against socialized healthcare asking the community to help pay for uninsured COVID medical costs through GoFundMe?

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  1. Not sure if this is wife and I are vaxxed. All vaccines have risks.

  2. You live in LA and don't know where Jackman's star is? SERIOUSLY???

  3. How did the people replying to your comment miss this very obvious sarcasm.

  4. I was gonna put a /s but thought the same...

  5. How come we still got Pelos, Newsom,, and Schumer?

  6. Without our military and the hundreds of billions we give fossil fuel polluters, gas would be 25 bucks a gallon, it is a scam.

  7. He was never in the democratic party...

  8. Will he car, and look at how Colin Powell is remembered as a a hero, not a war criminal.

  9. I think when you use the word,"stealing" in your post, you answered your own question.

  10. I hope he does more people will come out to vote against him than a milktoast repug...

  11. I got a $90 that rocks, only last 20 minutes tho.

  12. Because it can't. Comparing the power density of batteries vs. gasoline, gasoline has about 100 times the amount of energy compared to batteries. We'd have to double our effective battery capacity per volume/weight multiple times through research to even come CLOSE to gasoline. Not to mention how thousands of businesses just carry 5-10 gallons of gas with them to refill and use equipment immediately, instead of waiting for stuff to charge, or carrying extremely volume and weight-intensive batteries everywhere, that usually don't mix/match between products unless they're all hand tools from the same company or something.

  13. You are wrong EVs Now go 500 miles and the largest truck in the world is an EV...EXXON thanks you for your comment from 1992...

  14. He was checked in and required to spend the night last night at the hospital as doctors were concerned about his low blood oxygen level. West released this in a statement along with results of his treatment:

  15. The funeral industry thanks him more.

  16. What are the chances he’s taking it. Same day he said he took it ; he’s also in the care by some of the best doctors.

  17. I don't think Rogan took it or even had Covid, they are all grifters...

  18. Me either, thought Denver was closer.

  19. The bastard also approved 138 off shore platforms and 9000 drilling permits, he is a lying evil monster...

  20. But if he does 99% will dig out their MAGA hats and get ready to be terrorists again...

  21. That what makes these so god damn funny

  22. I still imagine the vast majority support them. No?

  23. They voted in a monster, that is killing their own people like nothing on history. And have already destroyed the world's largest rainforest. Remember about 15 years ago when Brazil was the rage? Acai, Brazilian Juijitsu. Brazilian body wax, etc. Fuck em...

  24. So the land and sea temps are decreasing? Climate change is indeed a hoax? The fires and 118 degrees in Canada are fake? All the record temps in the last 2 decades are reversed? Sweet

  25. While I agree, legally anyone who beat him might be charged with manslaughter.

  26. Looks like he came out of the truck swinging, and lost the fight, a true feel good story.

  27. And how many were convinced otherwise because they argued with strangers on the internet?

  28. I don't want to convince anyone. I can't stand these pos. Less potential capital rioters imho.

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