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Fidelity is showing 78.28% Short Percentage

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  1. actually, selling buy buy baby is an INSTANT fix for bbby's debt.

  2. Exactly I agree with you so I am wondering why are they not doing it. Even if they don’t sell it completely let baby spin off and ipo on its on is more than enough to help their business turn around.

  3. Better off just buying shares. Calls don’t effect the price, and if they expire worthless you’re out of the game.

  4. Worst freaking comment ever. GME even got a sneeze back in Jan21 was simply because of calls. I am guessing you’re a shill.

  5. The amount of hate coming from wasabi sub is strange…

  6. Why you talking about a traitor that ruined the legacy of SNSD? She placed her own selfish desires above 8 others that went through thick and thin with her that gave her what she had.

  7. I don't think we should think of her like that we don't know what she was thinking or what she was planning. I am just sad how things turned out, I just hope that they are still friends somehow I don't know if the other members are not mentioning her because of sm or because they are mad at her like she said in her book I have a hard time beliving they were jealous of her, I have a feeling she did something that made them change their mind about het opening blanc at that time.

  8. A traitor is a traitor don’t sugarcoat things. She’s rightfully banned from Korean media and entertainment industry

  9. I’m counting 3 when I pause it. Probably 1461

  10. Hehe Extraordinary Attorney Woo:) Was psyched when I saw Jun ho wearing docs.

  11. It’s just psychology. They slowly push it up giving you hope and then crash it down to make you feel sad. Lame…

  12. Generally Americans can’t talk facts and logic. Just like how they love to talk about how there’s more than 2 genders and pronouns lol

  13. Continue to stay entitled guys. Thousands of foreigners who are willing to work hard will put in the effort to go down for this interview in person.

  14. Lol you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you know how difficult it is to build your own ERP?

  15. A lot of different types of shorting… recently short is using the traditional method… so need to close them off

  16. These are the same people calling RC the CEO. LOL

  17. If you’ve been watching the ticker it’s very normal for the pump followed by drop an hour in. This is probably to make the calls a bit more expensive and also psychologically to discourage people from buying into the stock. Just lame algo tricks.

  18. Yeah what’s up with that hammer fist. Not cool

  19. So now Wall Street is killing people? Wtf is going on lol

  20. Denial basically. I've been blocking more people on this sub still refusing to stop ass licking RC, than any other sub before. It's sounding super cultish.

  21. Exactly wtf. It’s evident that no one can even answer my simple question. They’re still worshipping that fucker RC that obviously is sleeping with the hedgies to know when to sell.

  22. In his March letter to the board RC was and I quote from his letter "maniacally focused on the future and wouldn't hesitate to hold the board responsible" for misteps in their recovery of BBBY. He's also posted on Twitter that he's sick of failed executives screwing over shareholders and leaving them with the bag. Him selling out of his stock is fine but what bothers me is that we haven't heard from him at all. He's a billionaire troll who didn't hesitate to take shots at Tritton (once he was ousted) or the article that said BBBY was going to $1. You're telling me that amongst his name being dragged through the mud that if it was as simple as RC selling due to a fall out with the board he would remain silent?

  23. Appreciate the reply. Yes I am frustrated with the silence too. We have no idea what agreement exactly is that. What does it even do. As for twitter posts I am no longer going to speculate. I was really hyped for a buy buy baby sale only for Sue grove to talk a bunch of bullshit and watch the stock crash.

  24. Beta simp like you should stand behind your wife and let her do the talking

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