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  1. JR telling Excalibur he was proud of him was a highlight of that

  2. Summerslam 2001 was uploaded in full around 2012-2013. I’ve seen Edge vs Lance Storm so many times

  3. It’s a joke about how Jade always tells Tony to “cut the shit” during interviews

  4. Dax Harwood being the wrestler of the year. Never thought a tag team wrestler would ever be seriously in the consideration. He’s not just in the consideration, he’s the clear cut wrestler of the year rn for me. His matches vs PAC, CM Punk, Ospreay, and Cash Wheeler were amazing. Not to mention his FTR run vs Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, CM Punk & Moxley, Roppongi Vince & United Empire, and of course the match of year Vs Brisocoe Brothers. In ring no one has been better than him.

  5. If FTR doesn’t get a million team of the year awards it’ll be a shame. They’re both so damn good

  6. This definitely gives me the Corkscrew at Cedar Point experience. If you didn’t get a concussion you didn’t experience the ride

  7. I grew up about a 2 hour drive from Cedar Point. Been there dozens of times. I've ridden the Corkscrew exactly once.

  8. Yep rode it once with my dad and then again like 10 years later and it does not age well lol

  9. I'd be fine with a "Cowboy" Clark Connors and "Hangman" Adam Page being a tag team.

  10. You’re literally commenting on a forum where people talk about a fictional show. Not sure what your point is here

  11. The Forgotton Sons was a horrible name in hindsight

  12. A Train with a heart. A heart that doesn’t work well anymore but it’s a heart

  13. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be when Black Fucking Bolt goes down on you?

  14. if he makes a noise when he finishes would he vaporize his partner

  15. This was something that could really only work in the movie lol. The real matches sucked but the movie is still awesome with my rose tinted nostalgia eyes

  16. Read some early Fantastic Four. There’s no way Human Torch survived long after most battles

  17. He was super nice to me when I went to the Cleveland Expo. Might be a bit expensive but i’d try to grab a picture with him

  18. Tanabana? Is this word play I don't understand on tanabata?

  19. I hear the drums every time i read PRIDE FC

  20. Yeah I don't think there's anyone who has a problem with him in the movie.

  21. The opening scene with his family being killed and his fight with Sub-Zero is perfect MK to film for me. I enjoy the rest of the movie for the campy fun it is but when Scorp is on screen it’s really fucking good

  22. There's a reason why they chose that scene to open the film and use it as the "first six minutes" tease; it's the best damn thing in the movie.

  23. Oh for sure lol it was pretty obvious WB knew what we wanted to see but they also know they have to adhere to studios and what they want in a movie also. I’m just happy we got another MK movie in this decade i’m excited for the sequel

  24. This and Chimps Don’t Cry has lived rent free in my head since I heard them

  25. I only say no because I want a world title reign from him while he’s super in shape atm

  26. Actually people tend to have some idea if the movie they plan to go is worthwhile or not, whether they get that idea from social media or friends etc. So, the argument that a movie so overwhelmingly hated can still make over a billion dollars, just because people had no idea about the film when they bought the ticket, doesn’t make sense to me.

  27. I think for Star Wars it’s much different because it’s a franchise that some people will see every film regardless. Just because a movie made a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of people enjoy it, they have to spend money first before they see the movie. They don’t know if they like it until the movie is over, well after the money was spent. The movie makes money before the opinion is formed on it. I had friends telling me the movie sucked and I still went and saw it because I love Star Wars as a whole, i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s done that. You can see a trailer for a movie and think it will be great and then you go to your theater, buy a ticket, watch it, and maybe it isn’t great but your money still went to the movie

  28. I definitely agree on the Star Wars effect on the cinema, but I still think no movie could make such money if it was a world-breaking catastrophe like people here on Reddit make it seem to be. That goes for all of the sequels imo, pretty much all of my friends who are new to SW or just “casual” fans like/love the sequels.

  29. I don’t think it’s as much of a catastrophe like it’s made out to be in some places online but the fact that it made a lot of money doesn’t disregard negative opinion and the fact that people who don’t like the movie paid for a ticket and contributed to the box office regardless. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who enjoy it and I’m glad they do, I just don’t think box office numbers are always equivalent to public opinion and quality

  30. They usually only have signed figures for about 100 or more

  31. I hope nobody changes this. The truth must be known

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