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  1. So he goes crickey, that's me enemy when seeing Armor King.

  2. Lmao i feel like he’s more of a guy who swears a lot lol

  3. Damn i applaud u for ur decisiveness lol i would’ve just accepted death there.

  4. Sometimes body kicks don’t even connect in this game even when ur as close as possible to them

  5. I mean if the Fahk is really good lol. He’s not as op as he used to be anymore. He’s like around mid tier now.

  6. How likely is it that we get a new character at launch?

  7. Probably very likely coz every tekken game always has a new comer

  8. I hate everything about his integration in R6. He is a specialist in solo-stealth missions - gets recruited by a team that's mostly involved in open gun fights. He is an old legend - who now is fighting against people with a third of his age for a sport tournament. He has one of the most recognizable names in the video game industry - gets the most basic and thoughtless codename imaginable.

  9. Isn’t he just a staff there tho? He’s just there to train them by joining some of their sessions.

  10. Don’t think u can spam that with Miguel

  11. There something funny about that beyblade roach

  12. Bro the lobby seems to be paper 1 and also where are the roamers? I don't know the map but this looks flank able. Also c4 or smoke's canister ends the push on the spog

  13. No it isn’t coz were outside.They can’t come outside unless they have to take 30 seconds to get to us while being tracked.

  14. OK didn't know... What's the map name btw?

  15. My guess is that the game wont allow you to duck high moves while beeing in the ballerina spin. According to the commands you tried to duck

  16. Honestly the old one’s better. The new one barely shows any detail and like u said, out of place.

  17. I like this types of stuff in for honor. U can use it to ur advantage. Only problem is is how inconsistent it is.

  18. Console siege has the buggies net code I've ever seen wtf??

  19. Kinda hard to tell if it’s the net code. Feels more like they were hacking

  20. Yi sun shin. I feel like i’m the only one who’s using him. For the past few months playing ml I’ve never seen anyone playing yi sun shin.

  21. Fanny prolly didn’t expect to get hook. Possibly they pressed gg as they get hooked

  22. People still think winrate % matter?

  23. It’s the angle and lighting and he’s also on pause so obviously ur gonna look weird.

  24. Eh nothing really wrong with it. Either they like his movesets or they just really like the character. I’ve done it with shinobi🥷. I’ve never prestige any character until ive got him to max.

  25. Isn't this supposed to be a martial arts tournament? If your opponents are allowed to bring guns, you don't need karate skills, you need to find cover.

  26. They gotta add something new in a new tekken game. If they don’t, it would just feel like it got copy pasted from the previous one

  27. It does but what he trying to see is that when you perform an action, ur stamina decreases = goes down.

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