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  1. Why can't pixel 6 do USB-C to HDMI. I would use chrome cast but I don't always have internet.

  2. This sounds great, but unfortunately, in order to create a phone companion experience on Android that's comparable to what Samsung + Windows or Google + Chrome OS users get, Intel would have to work with Android OEMs because of limitations with some Android APIs.

  3. Do I need to enable "Auto-download MMS" under the Messages app to actually get texts from people who are using MMS, or does this only apply for files and pictures?

  4. It only applies to messages that are sent as MMS (as opposed to SMS). This can include photos, videos, and longer text messages.

  5. I see, so no matter how long the text is I won't actually see it if I don't use wi-fi or cellular data, or is it only if the message is really long/I won't see the whole thing but part of it?

  6. Hi, can you, please, share a link to this app? I assume this is an app because I can't find this option anywhere in the settings.


  8. Based on android but not Google apps compatible. Makes it a nonstarter no matter how good the hardware is.

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