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  1. Damn, how as Erica changed that much in so few years ?

  2. I think she will lose her appeal from before.

  3. OP says direct, but he is the showrunner.

  4. for the love of god, stop it. I like Netflix, I want it to survive. Stop making these things.

  5. Could happen if prequel was shown before non-prequel show. Even if the prequel came after the original you can kill all the characters (prequel) if the first show (word is escaping me) had all new characters.

  6. Happened with king of monsters and skull island. Not really the point though was just explains there was a way to do it and there is.

  7. Literally anyone but Nerdrotic. The man clearly skimmed through the Silmarillion once and became convinced that he is the greatest Tolkien scholar of our time.

  8. I was rewatching and all I can think of is how annoying Luke is before he becomes friends with 11

  9. Yeah his all demeanor was a real turn off.

  10. I have a few and not just a movie a season or 2. How about Zoo, Scorpion, Jericho and Under the Dome. I would have hoped Netflix picked up one of them.

  11. Where those scenes from the UD (red scenes from trailer), how will those play out?

  12. If Cali makes it to next season hope it is a one and done for the sake of the show.

  13. You insult me first buddy when you implied since I think (more like know) will is gay that there's something wrong with me. Why don't you tell me why that is?

  14. Behind? That would be you for thinking such a comment would bother me in anyway.

  15. The alliance at the end of the by 2nd Age.

  16. There's not much information about each combatant's forces. I don't think there's a comparison between the strength of the Alliance and Mordor (at the end of SA). The Alliance was mighty, but not as numerous as the Host of the West in the War of Wrath (as Elrond says). Maybe Sauron had a more powerful army but wasn't a good commander. Who knows? I wish there were more details about the war and the end of the Second Age.

  17. Thanks for that. Would have been nice to have that info.

  18. Weren’t the Nazgul around? Circa SA 2200. There are your generals.

  19. I know the show is not the best and nothing like the games. But I really enjoy that we are getting a halo series even if its not that good with following its original plot to the games. I like how the show is going. I know people here really into halo and wanting the show to be hard canon. But really I just want it to come all the way to present halo game content. I would like for this show to continue despite if they don't follow the main plot. I just want to see a halo series proceed forward with it creation. Because we may never see another series like this again. And lets be honest! Even if it doesn't follow canon as much its still a pretty good show overall. And I've played all the halo's and seen all the content. To watch the show as someone new to the series, the show appears so much better to them. So I can see why people get upset that their childhood game doesn't follow the plot as it should. But overall to watch as a show it is a pretty decent show to watch.

  20. I don't understand why a platoon of marines and two warthogs couldn't shoot her down ? No one was even manning the turrets. And is the pelican the only aircraft the entire planet of Reach has ?

  21. This was another "what are the writers thinking about moment."

  22. That’s because only die-hard GoT fans are aware of this show.

  23. Why the hate? Can't we be excited for both shows. How about I say only die hard LOTR fans are aware of this show.

  24. They want to maximise income from the second film, it’ll need to be at cinemas then on streaming they will want people to have the chance to fully absorb it with out it competing agains the 3rd film

  25. Avatar 2 won't be in theaters for a year.

  26. Because look how excited people are for the sequel, having a movie every year could turn it very monotonous

  27. Sequels have come out in back 2 back years, mind you successful ones.

  28. She’s the main character i don’t know why she was never before him in the first place 😭

  29. This just happen to me, sucks because you can only get it through amazon prime video and it won't link if u have a different account from your amazon one.

  30. If you watch it on Amazon Prime isn't the interface different than watching it somewhere else?

  31. I know it was pretty obvious from the season he wanted him dead.

  32. Not a long time ago, Steve was also douchebag treating Nancy like a trash, humiliating Jonathan in front of people, trying to beat him, and yet people now love him because of his "redemption arc". And its not like he had abusive father, he was just a douche.

  33. Steve it seemed was that way only to impress his friends while Billy was a jerk from the onset.

  34. Martin needs to do some research as Amazon has rights to more than just the appendices (at least rights to some other material). Is he bitter?

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