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  1. The real question now is why were those guys such bad shooters back then. Too much crack?

  2. And I bet if he was in his prime right now he wouldn’t even start, maybe make practice squad, old men need to accept we’re better than them and do it differently, its called evoloution

  3. This is Alberta, a sales tax was always off the table.

  4. Thinking teachers only work 6 hours a day is ignorant. Why don't you go look up your province's curriculum, pick an outcome, find some resources, plan your lesson and create the materials for that lesson (without half-assing it). Time how long that takes and then multiply that by let's say 6 (pretend you're teaching one hour blocks). Now, multiply that by 5. On top of that, make sure that you make the lesson accessible to all of your students, ex: students with diagnosed disabilities as well as your students that due to socioeconomic stressors at home are behind in their schooling and aren't always there. Oh, don't forget to save some time at the end of the day to contact parents when necessary as well as deal with student issues. There's also all the administrative bullshit on top of that. I'm not saying that there aren't teachers that take advantage of their job and phone it in, but I know more hardworking, amazing teachers than I know lazy ones.

  5. I did the same. Lateral move. 20% base pay increase and 40% percent commission increase Edit. That’s about 800 bucks more take home on base pay (month) and 21000 a year ( guess) increase in commissions

  6. Steal the Prius. $85 of fuel in the tank and a couple hundred for the Catalytic converter.

  7. These incidents, rising divisiveness in politics, failure to support people who need help... All feel so uncanadian to me. Holding hopes for a better future.

  8. I would be more comfortable living in a society with her, than him.

  9. You do live in a society with her, and you shouldn’t have to

  10. I didn't miss the benefit/risk calculation, just pointed out that there is a trade off. And yes I fully agree that particular groups have much higher rates of blood-borne infections and must be treated differently/banned in some cases.

  11. I think there was a pilot program CBS did in Ontario with gay men. They were allowed to donate plasma (can be stored for a year frozen) and then after a waiting period if the donors came back negative then their plasma would be available to transfused.

  12. Any concern that if gay men are still vector for blood borne disease, what happens when the next yet, unknown blood borne disease strikes our population?

  13. My question is largely rhetorical, but it's not the question you quoted.

  14. is chinese considered visible minority? i don’t think i notice any discrimination at any banks …

  15. Good thing Canada isn't an autocratic system. Gove your head a shake.

  16. You can get lesions on your genitals, so I am guessing that and unprotected anal sex could cause it to spread?

  17. Yeah that ends in carding and racial profiling, when you ask cops to go based on "probability" of who will do things.

  18. Who is higher probability? Blacks? First Nations? Whites? This is just an excuse to shake down whoever you dislike at the moment.

  19. Sorry folks, this isn’t going to be the golden ticket to your home ownership dreams.

  20. If you have a job, be prepared to loss it and end up living in a box.

  21. So drug overdoses affects the liver the least? Or is there more organs across the board and this article only looked at the liver?

  22. I guess don’t establish yourself here when you’ve known for 22 years your appeals have been exhausted and you’ve been scheduled for removal for 13 years?

  23. Did the government forget to send the memo to the gangs about their weapons being banned? Pretty sure the legal gun owners got that memo.

  24. Sure but if we begin increasing the supply and bringing house price down then speculators will sell as well as their investment is not as strong.

  25. Banks don’t entirely get rid of their mortgages, they just trade them among each other. If someone had a much better sales are but will get over extended in a specific market then they will keep selling the mortgages but trade them away. It helps them balance risk.

  26. WW2 started in 1939. Russia is not the only producer of fertilizer.

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