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  1. Add a lock to the screen and attach a secure sticker with your telephone number. It's easy to lose. Also, it's cool to send files via email to the device

  2. So, what are we in for in 2023 and 2024? A great receccesion or a great depression? It seems the day of reckoning is truly coming?


  4. Ive genuinely enjoyed eating oysters since I was 12 (I like the brine/sea flavor) and I get the same taste from some caviar. I’ve also had some that kind of tasted like smoked salmon which was pretty good. I haven’t had the super expensive stuff but there is a sampler you can get on Amazon that isn’t insanely priced. I definitely suggest trying.

  5. It's good, but it's like Blue Cheese! Either you like it or you don't. Not much room to wiggle! Regardless of how deep your pocket is, it's not something I would try to replace a meal with or eat daily because of the salt content.

  6. Now that is style and class and fun. Fun Los Angeles photo, thanks, OP and young lady!

  7. Yes, we have chickens and roosters in Boyle Heights. They seem to live in peace with the opossums and stray cats.

  8. Yeah from other posts I’ve read, it sounds like priority ticket is the way to go. Creating a new acct is a good idea. How soon after signing up did you get the priority tix?

  9. On February 14th, I received the email with the invite for the March 7th shoot

  10. After reading the post from someone who flew out there with a ticket and didn't even get in... It's not worth the risk unless you live nearby imo. But I hope you get the tickets you want!

  11. There are priority and general tickets issued. Yesterday, everyone got in, most likely as it was a Tuesday shoot. If you get a priority ticket and arrive at by 3:00 pm (4:30 is the limit even for priority), you are most likely assured to get in. There are also seats reserved for VIP's.

  12. Hmm, I wonder if anyone who has attended the taping sessions knows what age Frasier is supposed to be in his new setting.

  13. The reboot will be a success with a new generation of Cranes and their friends.

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