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Bristol pubs announce 'F*** the Jubilee' three day punk festival

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  1. I see, they're going to try and butter us up with promises of saving us from the cost of living in an effort to distract us from Partygate. Hush money. Classic tory move, no doubt taken out of the paedophile playbook, silence the victim and carry on as normal.

  2. If its all out there already then there's nothing to fear from it being released is there?

  3. Can this story just end already? Utterly boring.

  4. caption under the photo should read "ceci n'est pas une party"

  5. I thought the dude was crazy the first time but now he's straight up trolling and stalking.

  6. No he hasn't learned his lesson. Had he held his hands up and resigned then maybe we could say that but not now.

  7. Obviously getting some practice in before the Regime consolidates it's power and the camps are set up.

  8. I don't mind the outages if it means giving the government a black eye. All the best to them.

  9. Whenever people shit on Sandler I point to Punch drunk Love. He can act when he wants to.

  10. Did we watch the same series 10 cause I'd consider it one of the best modern series of the show.

  11. I agree. For me Capaldi evolved and improved with each season. I much preffered how he played the Doctor by the end that how he started, which I think isn't a bad way to go about it. Plus his crazy looking hair just suited him better to the shorter look he started with.

  12. well the first episode did not do well for some reason 😉

  13. Yeah they broadcast The Deadly Assassin several years too early!

  14. I sincerely hope this movie lead to many Americans to the marvellous works of Rik Mayall, honestly you're missing out if you've not checked his other stuff.

  15. I mean spending obscene amounts of money to throw a nationwide birthday bash in a time when people can't afford to heat or feed themselves is utterly bonkers. The Queen ought to tell her government to spend the money on the people that need it right now.

  16. Now you mention it, he did. Could do a decent Train Guy impression too. "As always you are are vigorous pigeon"

  17. The new uniforms will include Black dress shirt and Tory Blue arm band with DWP logo, this is according to the newly appointed Reichsfuhrer Fur Das Ministerium für Arbeit und Rente

  18. There’s no logical reason for cannabis to be illegal. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Quit telling others what they can & can’t put in their own bodies.

  19. Not only that, the government already sell it in massive quantities. They can't really argue that its bad when they're happy to sell it elsewhere.

  20. I don't even need to check. I know mine will be on there.

  21. The minute I saw this post, I knew my MP would be on there and lo and behold, there he is.

  22. Same, plus the three for the city I’m just next to. Since prices have spiralled the number of people who are in desperate need has doubled, people who voted for them and they just stabbed them in the back.

  23. I'm practically surrounded lol. East Yorkshire is practically Blue (I think Hull might be Labour, not sure). Andrew Percy is the wank stain running things down my neck of the woods (Goole), I noticed the MP for Selby also voted no too. Percy also defended Boris with Partygate so that's the level of shithousery we're dealing with. Fingers crossed people will vote these arses out.

  24. I mean at this point I think it's best to just assume Tories are pieces of shit and just mention them in the news when they do something genuinely nice

  25. After the somewhat disappointing season 5, I hope the time away has refreshed the batteries otherwise I'd just cancel it and call it a day.

  26. I guess this must be set in the near future given how old Donna's rumoured daughter appears. She'd have to have been born 2010 onwards. It'll be interesting to see what Russell T has in store.

  27. Starring Robert Webb as a laid-back janitor with a sex addiction. Features strong language.

  28. I'd have Matt King playing a youth worker offering life skills in workshops he runs in the institution. He appears to get on well with the inmates but in reality he's bullied by them and is forced to be a mule smuggling contraband.

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