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GOP becoming a cult of know-nothings

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  1. Experienced this over Thanksgiving with my (47) Dad (71). He's always leaned right but now he's over the edge and I can directly attribute it to what he hears on the radio. He's a driver for a company that provides transportation for Veterans and spends all day in the car listening to talk radio. He comes home outraged, my Mom doesn't want to hear his rants so he turns on the news he agrees with because he at least has a friend there.

  2. Yeah part of me figures that anyone dumb enough to fall for this kind of deserves it however I'm also aware that it doesn't just affect them and impacts their family too. I've seen so many stories on

  3. He also seems to think he’s the target of a massive stalking campaign. I think he’s fucking nuts, TBH. 😒

  4. Yeah I stumbled upon that the other day when I saw these lengthy and paranoid sounding stickied posts on some of the subs linking to stickies on his other subs as sources which in turn linked to other ones.

  5. Wow awesome post man. I've heard that corruption argument before, but corruption is a problem now anyway. At least if the corruption is due to coding it can be viewed or fixed. Now corruption is in the hearts of politicans and they're quite good at hiding their true intentions. The taxation argument is also valid, perhaps some requirement for a balanced budget would negate the problem causes by self taxation, and reward prudent spending decisions by the populace. Again, taxation is already too low, mainly with reference to corporations and the ultra wealthy-and the problem there is that they exert a disproportionate amount of influence of legislation relative to their numbers, which is exactly the problem that would be fixed by a legitimate direct democracy facilitated by technology. I believe this is the next step in human goverance.

  6. It is in no way close like fauci or not he isn’t just cutting people open and torturing them or slaughtering children just to see what happens. Mengela did do those things. The comparison is so fucking dumb. Both sides of the US political spectrum need to grow the hell up and stop comparing one another to nazis. It’s like we as a nation have collectively forgot truly how evil nazis actually were

  7. The problem is you're thinking about how the Nazis ended up - totalitarian regime, war, occupation, holocaust, mass murder but it took years to get to that point. If you look at how they started out and how Hitler came to power there are a tonne of accurate comparisons to Trump, the GOP and their followers.

  8. I can't even remember the last time when I heard someone that supports Trump say something critical of Trump. Pretty sure that's a cult. Biden passes a $Trillion+ infrastructure plan and progressives like myself (and so-called moderates) still find a lot to be pissed-off about, and are pretty vocal about it. Here I can understand being racist and a hypocrite and not really caring when Trump, say, separated kids from their families and put them in cages, but many of his biggest supporters and ex-supporters are going to prison for years for him and have $100s of thousands in legal fees, and to this day he never raised a finger to help them. All these people out there saying they were right, there was no insurrection, and 'Trump won' a year later seem totally down with this. Crickets, can't even talk about that in a negative light. What if it were your Mom Trump just abandoned? Surely that's just a step removed from the Kool-Aid test.

  9. The controversy being that it's so obvious it doesn't require a concerted effort to prove?

  10. No need to fight it. A petition has absolutely no ability to change the constitution.

  11. Doesn't mean they won't try. Fighting something like this would be a good tool to rile up their base and increase voter turnout as well as the general unfettered, uninformed rage they rely on. The Arizona audit was pointless and dumb as hell but it had the same useful effect.

  12. It is inherently contradictory, if you talk up the positiveness like a real estate agent pretending nothing was the matter then what were these people challenging.

  13. Fascists like their doublethink.

  14. She has an odd definition for unity.

  15. No, no you see separate water fountains actually brought people together because they were still side by side and served by the same water feed. Everyone knows that it's the cool kids that sit at the back of the bus anyway. Look we included 'colored' in the death records for polio in 'unity' with all the white people and even gave them their own special category...

  16. Who will gullible and easily manipulated Republicans blame when a COVID variant finally appears that is far more infectious and deadly than any previously known and it kills the unvaxxed by the millions? China? Biden? Fauci? Obama, perhaps?

  17. No those would be at least grounded in reality and be something you could make an actual case for blaming in one way or another, even if the blame is misplaced.

  18. *sadistically urged americans to turn down medicine and risk dying from a deadly pandemic he got himself vaccinated against

  19. Those deliberately spreading disinformation to a large audience probably should. Problem is it could create a bad precedent where people spreading genuine information end up getting charged if the administration disagrees with that information. For instance imagine if rather than just incessantly shouting 'fake news' Trump had actually been able to set law enforcement against those he claimed were spreading fake news essentially silencing all his critics. I imagine he would like nothing better than to do that.

  20. So ... protest against the Vaccine that his father claims to have a huge impact on its realization when in power?

  21. Don't try and look for logic in anything Trump, his associates or his followers say. It's not good for your brain.

  22. This is nonsense, pandemics dont fall under the umbrella of military responsibility and are completely different than countering CBRN weapons.

  23. No but something like the production of masks should be considered a national security issue given the threat posed by pandemics. Instead the US and pretty much the whole world relied on masks made in China just to save money. The result was a shortage of masks at the start of the pandemic as China stopped exporting them (and in some cases re-exported ones from abroad back home) to deal with their own situation.

  24. Instagram is absolutely full of people selling drugs and scammers pretending to sell drugs by ripping off each other's images. I can't see them caring.

  25. At one point I think he did emphasis that the way to mitigate the threat is to be the one in control of it. There is some logic to that as the best way to defeat a cyber attack by an advanced AI would probably be to have an advanced AI that can defend against it.


  27. Well mods ended it when it was clear it wasn't going anywhere and removed it after when he started posting screens from it on GA. Before the AMA that guy had routinely been trolling the sub and getting into pointless arguments then posting shit there to try and get people to brigade the sub so I get why they did it.

  28. I used to think that every time I saw something dumb attributed to him so I would always search it to check. Every single time it was real and this is no exception. I'm no longer surprised anymore.

  29. I am routinely reminded of shit he did that I had entirely forgotten about. Stuff that would have been the defining scandal, joke or fuck up under any other presidency but which has just got lost amongst all the other insanity.

  30. Yes, I know. I read it like it was something I could make sense of, and I think I injured my brain.

  31. I saw all the bible verses at a glance and didn't bother reading it. You just know there's no point trying.

  32. Why do you think he will win if he runs? Surely he can only do so by cheating. If he wins again I'll have to stop reading any news from the United States just to preserve my sanity.

  33. Lol when you are an organization that is about stopping child sex trafficking but defend literal child sex traffickers

  34. I don't think they're defending her. The post is about one of the prosecutors in the Maxwell case losing video evidence from Epstein's cell the first time he tried to kill himself. So they're suggesting they are going to fuck with this trial to prevent evidence coming out on other people involved with Epstein.

  35. Wait, in the Qniverse, they like Ghislaine Maxwell?

  36. Don't think so. The post is about one of the prosecutors in the Maxwell trial being the same one who lost video evidence during the Epstein situation. So they are suggesting it is rigged and pissed about that.

  37. Their stupidity is beyond parody at this point. QAnon has killed satire.

  38. Eh. That will always be the left. The Q nuts will line up to vote Republican no matter what. Even if they hate the nominee. They will be better than the “deep state Democrat pedo cabal.” Meanwhile the left can’t agree on anything, be it a too progressive candidate or a not progressive enough candidate, people from center left to far left will find a reason not to vote for them.

  39. Well yeah the Democrats are a centre right party really who their left wing base vote for primarily just because they aren't the other guys and aren't as far right as the GOP. When the US lacks an actual left wing party that actually stands a chance due to the 'us or them' mentality that arises from a stagnant two party system it's to be expected that people will be discontent.

  40. Thanks for the link! I’m actually a therapist who works with kids and when I ask them what they do for fun pretty much 100% tell me they watch YouTube! This is a good video for me to share with parents. The amount of unsupervised screen time they allow is startling (and probably one of the reasons they end up in my office!).

  41. Youtube has cracked down on it a little since then although that video is only really talking about youtube kids and the rest of youtube is still as sketchy as ever. Efforts by the reddit elsagate sub got a load of videos removed too which were way darker and more disturbing than what that TED video goes into.

  42. I think this belief has been around for quite a while. First time I stumbled upon it was a commenter on a local news site demanding politicians "give us Tesla's med beds already" maybe half a year ago or so. Not sure whether they meant Tesla the company, or if they believe that Nikola Tesla came up with the technology or something. I also have never been able to find the source of this nonsense.

  43. Yeah I think it's been at least a year since I saw the med bed stuff for the first time. It's just picked up recently due to a few grifters trying to cash in on the idea.

  44. If it makes you feel better, it will never last. Carnegie Steel was invincible. Until it wasn't.

  45. Individual problems may get better but the overarching problem still exists of shitty people doing shitty things and plunging everything into chaos. It's always inevitable that whatever dreadful thing you're celebrating the end of will happen again sooner or later at some scale. It was human nature that caused it the first time and human nature doesn't really change.

  46. I love the 180 degree swing myth. Sure, we're supposed to believe that all these people a few years ago identified as liberal or something. It's nonsense they use to make their dumb argument. Few people swing that far in their identity.

  47. Some of them were. QAnon has pushed a tonne of spiritual hippie types into spewing hateful far right bullshit. It really is like a 180 change in personality and behaviour in only a year or two.

  48. That one chick interviewed for the jfk reappearance blew my mind. She was talking about crystals and healing and shit, and was there for that qanon bullshit. Like, how the fuck does that even happen??

  49. Spiritual communities have always had conspiratorial aspects. QAnon has made it so if you search for any conspiracy you will quickly end up going down a rabbithole of QAnon insanity. Then people post that shit on the boards they're used to and it spreads further. Covid made it even worse as it resulted in dragging in the anti vax and alternative health crowd in a big way and things like crystals, spirituality and sketchy healing scams have always been a part of those communities.

  50. When did society cross over to the point that an image of good looking people with text pasted on top of it became hard cold scientific fact?

  51. Always been like that I think. Even before the internet sketchy cures were publicised with newspapers ads of nonsense text frequently accompanied by a picture of the guy running the scam calling himself a doctor. Didn't take long after the invention of the printing press before that started happening. There's an extra level of charisma to convince people when it's someone attractive or perhaps rich and smart looking. Before that the same was true with travelling snake oil salesmen and I guess people like them have always existed to some extent.

  52. I had Thanksgiving dinner with one of these. She said Trump actually won because he was God’s candidate. She also said the COVID vaccine was designed to kill us all. It’s quite literally a cult.

  53. Because Evangelical Christianity in America has merged with a hyper-capitalist ideology, American cultural ideals and right wing politics such that the religious aspects are almost inseparable from the rest of it.

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